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Help With Bodyweight Exercises

hey guys, was just wondering if you could help a newbie out. want to start gymnastics in about 2 months, but i need to up my strength quickly and effectively. problem is im not against weights but would like to stick to body weight exercise (and there are some mean ones, esp. in gymnastics).

my question is, is it possible for me to train 6 times a week seeing as im only using my bodyweight, and if not is there anything i could take to help with recovery period? also do you recommend any other supplements, eg for my joints and etc. thanx alot for your help!!



look up Coach Sommer's articles both here and elsewhere - he should be able to help....


Do a search. There are several very good bodyweight articles on the site written by Ian King and Mike Mahler.

You can use bodyweight exercises every day if you wish. Gymnasts do it!

Dips, chins/pull-ups, a variety of ab movements, one-legged squats and the like will definitely be the cornerstone of your training.

As for supplements, eat well, train hard and use a multi-vitamin, protein powder and possibly a post-workout shake (Surge). ZMA might be a nice addition as well.


As long as you don't train to failure I don't see a problem with training every day. Right now I'm doing bodyweight calisthenics on a 2 day on 1 day off split and plan on upping it in a few weeks.


For bodyweight training, I like Shamrock and Pavel the best. Not only do these guys get you rock hard with bodyweight, they have a bonus of delivering tactical combat advice. Also Ian King has one of the most painful ab workouts I've ever done (not the one on this site it is in his older book "Get Buffed").