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Help with Bodytype and Macros


Hey guys, I'm looking for opinions on my body type based on my latest pic. I think I'm an ectomorph or hard gainer since I seem to have trouble gaining muscle and have a thin bone structure.

I'm also looking to find a good macronutrient breakdown for me, although I know there's probably not a "correct" answer to this. I was thinking something along the lines of 40/30/30 P/F/C, maybe even 33/33/33.

I've been on high protein, moderate fat, lower carb for a while and think upping the carbs might help. I realized my protein has been far too high for my body weight and need to lower it a little. Ex: I was eating ~3000 calories/day with about 330g protein at 135lbs.


You seem to be in the exact same place I was 4 years ago:

130lbs, worrying about specific calculations and unimportant details, and trying to categorize myself as something other than just a guy who isn't eating enough food.

You don't need a PCF breakdown, or any labels like "ectomorph" or "hard gainer". What you need is to eat at least 200 grams of protein every day, and enough calories to start gaining at a rate of 5lbs a month, while training extremely hard 4-6 days a week.


anything else said in this thread is just going to be a repeat of what Mr. popular said because, well, that is the answer.


Haha, yea I definitely expected a few of these comments. I just wanted a little more guidance.
As far as your recommendations go I'm already eating well about 200g protein/day and lifting hard 5 days a week.

When you were in my shoes did you even bother counting calories/macros or just ate till you were stuffed?

I know I shouldn't be majoring in the minors that's just how I am I guess.


I kept a calorie log and ate a minimum of 2800 calories. Everything I ate above that was bonus, and I gained 5lbs a month up until I reached about 170lbs. Unfortunately, I neglected to eat a lot of protein, and I didn't train as hard or as often as I should have, so my results were nowhere near as great as yours could be.

You can read my thread for more information about where I started and what I've done:

It includes my initial transformation, as well as where I am now, and the advice I have for guys in your shoes.

If you want more specific help, you can post your full routine and daily diet.


Thanks man I appreciate your help, the 2800 calorie mark seems to be about the same for me. If I don't get in more then that I simply don't gain weight.

Typical diet

830: 3 eggs, 1.25 cup oats, 25g whey, 1/2 cup berries
calories P/C/F
-850cal 65/85/25

workout: 10-11 or so
-BCAA's intra

1130: 50g whey, 1.5 cup oats
-600cal 75/55/10

230: 1/2lb meat, 1 oz almonds, spinach, cucumber, olive oil
-550cal 20/60/25

6: 1/2lb meat, 3 cups veggies, olive oil
-525cal 20/65/20

9: 30g casein, 2 tablespoons PB
-350cal 8/35/20

~2900cal 195carb / 300protein / 95fat


It's great that you are able to eat so healthfully, especially if you are capable of doing that every single day, though I would like to see 300-400 grams of carbs instead of 195.

Don't be afraid to utilize things like pasta, rice, and fruit/juices to get more carbs in.

Take this to heart: you don't get huge by eating like you're trying to shed fat.

My general recommendation, instead of trying to calculate "PCF" ratios every day, is to eat 1lb of meat, 6 eggs, and two protein shakes every day - this takes care of protein and fat. Then consume enough oats, pasta, and fruit until you're gaining 5lbs a month. Vegetables should be considered bonus, and don't expect any results at all if you aren't meeting your quota EVERY single day for MONTHS on end.


Burgers and meat lovers pizza.