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Help with Bloodwork

Hello i need some help with my bloodwork, any help much appriciated.

Ive been on 140mg a week (100mg E5D) and recently got my bloodwork done.

Free test 16.3 (ref 1.5-8.0)

SHBG 18 nmol/l (ref 15-95)

Test 30 nmol/l (ref 4.6-29)

E2 0.40 nmol/l (ref 0-0.14)

This was done in Norway so i im sorry its not the same numbers you are used to but i put the ref numbers in. As you can see my free test and e2 is a lot higher then it should be. I dont understand how its this high on only 140mg a week. What would you drop the dosage too, and how long should i wait before i check my blood again? This was taken the day after my last pin.

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Looks like:

Free test 470 ng/dl


Test 865 ng/dl

E2 12 ng/dl

Are you on an AI? That’s some pretty low E2.

I’d say the free T is pretty in line, given your low SHBG.

How do you feel?

I recently had some issues (I attribute it to a couple bad bottles but who knows) where I had to go up to 200mg/week to reach the total T range you’re in. Switching to a new bottle from a new batch & shipment, my bloodwork had me off the charts.

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Thanks for the reply mate

Im not on any AI, and this E2 levels was marked as high on my blood work i got back. Are you sure that number is correct? The ref range says 0-0.14, and im on 0.40.

I feel great but my libido could have been better. I wanted to take this blood work to see if there is anything i could do better, as im 29 now and will be on TRT for the rest of my life. Low SHBG is that a good or bad thing?

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Wait a minute, its not marked as high its marked as low lol my bad. That ref range tricked me there, why would they put those ref numbers in there? Dosnt make any sense.

If i want to get my free test down a bit could that make my e2 go even lower?

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Hi bmw328

Welcome to T nation

Exactly how many hours after your TRT injection did you draw the blood?

It sounds like you said you took the blood the day after your TRT injection. Also can you post a screenshot of your blood test results? That would help us confirm the numbers

Hey mate

Yes it was around 30 hours after a 100mg IM injection. I think my E2 is very high when i look at the ref range that my lab has used. Added pic

@highpull @hardartery

Hi bmw328

If someone else doesn’t come to advice you I’ll be back later.

But from a glance everything looks fine, it looks like you took the blood test as you started to peak.

It’s better to take the blood test at trough

I’m assuming you feel good since you didn’t mention not feeling good???

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30 hours AFTER injection is roughly about as peak as you can get unless you use T-prop. That means that your lab results are an irrlevant waste of time, essentially. Your Total T is barely above range, which is not a particularly good thing on it’s own that close to injection. Your E2 is in line with your Free T. f you feel good, roll with it and see how you are in a few months, some things get better with time. Labs ssould happen on injection day, prior to injection for reference. That’s actually in the guidelines that endos use.


Thanks guys very helpful! I will take a new test. I dont understand this E2 range? I feel good but my libido could have been better and holding a bit of water around my stomach. Is different Labs using different E2 ranges? 0.40 seems a lot more then 0.14, might need to add small AI dosage?

Cheers @hardartery @layman

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I would avoid an AI unless you had notable and serious issues, which you are not reporting. Some guys don’t tolerate some things well, but if you don’t have anything glaring jusr roll with it. Most guys do better with E2 on the higher end. It will likely come down after a while anyway as you adjust.

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What is your height/weight?

For how many weeks have you been on this protocol?

How strict have you been with your injection timing? Exactly every 120 hours?

You don’t need an Ai as part of your TRT protocol, it’s way too hard to make use of it in that way.

I agree, that reference range doesn’t make sense, I’d try to find a better lab for your blood tests

It’s hard to tell since you took your blood test while you were peaking, your estrogen is high according to those numbers but you were peaking and we don’t know where it would be at trough, but if you feel certain you are experiencing high estrogen related negative symptoms you could go down to 90mg E5D then get bloods at trough after 6-8 weeks then maybe teeter back up 0.02ml at a time. Its entirely possible the optimal dose for you is 94mg E5D

I think 6 hours before TRT injection is a good time to take blood on the E5D protocol. I’m not sure if it’s the best time though

It’s your choice, the final decision is yours

190cm 102kg body fat 12%, very clean diet no alcohol last 5 years

Not 120 hours exactly but between 115-125. Been at this dose for 3 months. I will try to drop my dose and take a new test. I know from earlier blasting experience my e2 genetics sucks, AI much needed for me. Was hoping to get away with no AI on TRT, guess i have to try add in small dose of adex to see how i feel.

So i should wait 6 weeks before i take a new test 5 hours before a pin? Thanks guys you are very helpful :slight_smile: @layman @hardartery

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If you can afford it and have access, I think the best thing to do is take the blood test before your next TRT injection in a few days, before you change the dose

If you change the protocol before the blood test I’d wait at least 6 weeks and I think 5 hours before pin should be fine to draw the blood on the E5D protocol

hopefully the other guys will chime in with their opinions too

I would not change anything. Bloods done right before an injectio would be good. My e2 is way above range, it doesn’t hurt anything at all for me. If I drop it down with an AI I will start hurting stuff at the gym. Other guys get a lot worse side-effects, like ED.

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