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Help with Bloodwork


37 male and in good shape. Eat pretty well and workout non stop. I have been bloated around stomach for past two years and gained ab 10 pounds out of nowhere even on diet. I have gyno from past prohormones years ago and wondering why it gets bigger one day and smaller the next? Hormone related? My blood work came back test total 668. Estradiol 21. FSh 4.4. Lh was 8.6. Anything you see wrong? What other tests would you consider to add to this and is it smart to look at test replacement. Just not sure why my stomach bloats and seem to hold water all the time. Thanks


Check here



Labs scores without ranges are useless. SHBG?


Fsh 4.4. Range 1.5. - 12.4
Total test 669. Range 350-915
Lh 8.6 range 1.7 - 8.6

Also seems like if I take proscar my gyno flares and my neck gets bloated, like it’s heavy. Has to be a correlation I would think. What other tests do I need


This is why ranges are so important, LH above the ranges would indicate damaged testicles. I’m leaning towards testicles are damaged and given more time LH is expected to rise. It would be nice to confirm LH above ranges on further tests. Freeze sperm now while you have time.

You require more extensive labs.


Would that cause the estrogen symptoms? I have bloating and weight gain around stomach. Gyno flares up randomly. Face and neck feels bloated. Stomach distended always. Not sure what other blood work I need to confirm something. I feel like something is causing my sides. Been going on a while. Used pro hormoes in the past without much pct. my e2 was actually 21 on a range fromn11-50


Stop Proscar aka Finasteride, this drug has ruined men’s lives! Next time a doctor offers you drugs do your own research, you could have prevented everything that’s happening to you. This drug will destroy your life!

Sometimes symptoms remain long after this drug is stopped, there’s no cure for PFS. This drug can cause female like breast development and enlargement. You cannot trust doctors these days, their heads spend the majority of the time up their *** and most are unaware that men have been dealing with PFS for over a decade.

Google Post Finasteride Syndrome.



I remember the commercials for that poison. “Certain sexual side effects may occur” the pleasant male voice would say, casually and without much emphasis. Now here we are decades later and guys are still balding but hey, at least their dicks don’t work either. It was like they were shooting for the making-men-miserable exacta.


Ok. But what testosterone blood work would I need perhaps? Free test? Shbg? And total test? I have a baby on the way so my lh doesn’t seem like an issue. Just wondering more about testosterone even when my total test is 669 and estradiol is 22


You were given both answers already. There is a section here, that will give you ALL the labs that you need to get.

You are missing some vital labs, without them, we really cant help.


You need to get off this drug first, it can screw with your HPTA. When you stop this drug you will go through withdrawal for a couple of months. See where you’re at then.


Yeah I understand. I figured someone could summarize the testersterone tests I would need to see what is going on.


The very first response to your post has a link to ALL THE LABS.

You cant rely on people spoon feeding you the very basics. You have to do some reading on your own.


Testing now while you’re on Finasteride is pointless, any results you get now will change once you’re off that drug. You can’t diagnose while on a drug like Finasteride, it cause your entire system to go haywire.

E2 LC/MS/MS method


From reading total testosterone is pretty irrelevant. Free test is really the number I need to know?


Pretty much TT is just a reservoir for free hormones, there are some with high free hormones and lower TT that feel fine.