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Help with Bloodwork


Checked my lipids and bloods and my results are:
Ldl:175.28 range 0-100
hdl:54.5 range 0-55
total cholesterol:245 0-200
BUN:23. Range 0-20
Urea:49.8 range 10-50
Mpv 11.9 range 6.9 -10.8
wbc 10.58 range 4.3 -10.3
mch 28.7 range 31.2- 33.5
eo% 6.9 range 0.9 -6.0

Ok can someone interpret these results regarding aas use.I can't tell my doc about it.I had a little flu at the time so maybe high wbc and eo can be from this.And I eat very high protein ,I guess its too high.How bad is my cholesterol ?I normally eat 8 whole eggs a day and a ton of red meat.I will stop that immediately.Thanks for your input.


Well itd help if you at least told us what youre taking


I too 250 mg test e3d.adex 0.25 e2d.I completed my pct.My other values are okay.But I cant blame test for my cholesterol Because I ate very dirty lately.Too much red meat,too much whole eggs everyday.I ate many fruits but I guess my protein intake was very high.I ate too much saturated fats.I will replace them with more healthy fats from nuts and seeds.I use omega 3 supp ,that may be the reason my hdl is high.Thanks