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Help with Bloodwork Please


Can anyone give advice on bloodwork please. Ran a test, deca, eq cycle. Ran test at 150mg a week for a month after due to getting pct late.

Concerned at how low the LH and FSH.

Thanks in advance.

It looks like you need another pct.

I’ve started pct today. Just wanted to know if it’d normal for them levels to be that low after a cycle

You ran nandrolone. Nandrolone and pct don’t mix. Expect to be low for a while. Like, months and months after your last injection.

Edit to add this:

The TL;DR is that nandrolone metabolites stick around a very long time and continue to suppress LH and FSH. In some cases suppression lasted up to a year. Unless you’re on trt or doing BnC nandrolone is an absolute no-go. You’re in for a rough few months.

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Watch this vid man, nandrolones can be HPTA suppressive for like 20 weeks plus. Probably best to cruise for a few months while you wait for the nandrolone metabolites to clear your system, then PCT

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Thanks mate.

LH & FSH? Yes. You’re on hormones, those will be at or near zero