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Help with Bloodwork. Low Testosterone or...?


I am 37 now and was diagnosed in May of last year but it was going on for years before that. I just kept making up excuses for everything. My shoulders hurt so bad I couldn’t lift anything above my head and I just told myself I workout to much and I’m getting old. Hell I was seeing an orthopedic surgeon back in 2011 and he was pumping my shoulders full of cortisone back then. I dont know if it was due to low e but I’ve always had problems like that. They told me it was just inflammation. My pecker stopped working once in 2016 and 3 times in 2017 and everyone told me “it happens to everyone. It’s just stress” so I wrote that off as well. Then out of nowhere like getting hit by a ton of bricks I woke up one day in a deep depression. I could barely contain my emotions. It went on for months and wouldnt stop or get better so i finally saw a doctor and asked for bloodwork. That’s when we figured out what was going on.



I dont know if this is what we are dealing with but aromatase enzymes are responsible for converting testosterone into estrogen. If for some reason you have low aromatase enzyme you wont have much estrogen. Could be low testosterone or low low bodyfat. Not sure really. When I injected testosterone my estrogen went up with it so there must be some aromatase enzyme in me.


hm… it says that it only occurs in females though. If my total testosterone is slowly getting better, shouldn’t my e2 also have gone up.

Total T 601ng/dl
E2 13pg/ml

Ratio of T to E is 46.2


It doesn’t say that it only occurs in females. Virilization only affects women. This condition can certainly affect men as well. I would say yes if your testosterone is increasing than so should your e2.


will have to get a new E2 test done soon, anything else I should have tested with that?


I would take a real close look at your thyroid while your at it.


posted thyroids above


All I see is tsh, ft4 and ft3. Your tsh alone says you have an issue at 2.5. Check rt3 and daily body temps am and pm.


Dude. I all of a sudden was very emotional, extreme anxiety , basically had a mental breakdown. Couldn’t sleep, heart paps, hot flashes , Ed. Did you get any of these too?
I ask cause I also had sporadic Ed months and year B4, then it was all the above at the same time. Lasted weeks . Cardiologist gave me Xanax which I never took before and it broke my cycle of anxiety. I dont take it now.


Absolutely. I dealt with all of the above. Sometimes when I was falling asleep I would wake up with a very rapid heart beat. I was scared I was having a heart attack. I would lay there using controlled breathing trying to get it under control then fear going back to sleep. Very strange.


Me to. Laying down going to sleep was the worst. I though I was going to have a heart attack.

I just can’t understand how all these things happened so fast I figure it would be gradual. That’s why I question by secondary hypogonadism dx

I think my t and e2 went down to a certain point then it was a sharp downhill ride.


I’m fairly confident mine was gradual decline but I just kept writing off the symptoms and learning to live with them.


really feels like my testicles just shut off , if that makes sense?!


DHT results in

220 pg/ml (300-850)


does anybody think DHT can be causing my problems. All of my symptoms are similar to someone with Post FInasteride Syndrome, though I have never taken it


Just like with testosterone, men can also have a DHT deficiency. Guys can get a script for DHT cream usually applied daily.


Really, I thought Only way to increase DHT was to increase T (trt)…
Do you think this will benefit me? If I do get DHT cream will it affect my natural production? etc…

These doctors are very dangerous. I have low T symptoms and they are telling me im fine, they only wanted to check Total T. Not even free T, they said everything is fine, yet I have symptoms… Can you imagine what this does to you mentally!?


Low E2 is your problem and the only way to increase it it to increase testosterone. Doctors tell you’re fine because they are idiots. Their not looking at your super low estrogen, they are seeing T in range and looking no further.

Increase testosterone and you increase DHT, being in range doesn’t really mean anything in relation to you. Low estrogen is a clue testosterone isn’t high enough for you.

Total T by itself is useless because it is the bound hormone, it’s bound to SHBG and isn’t bioavailable. Your body responds to the bioavailable testosterone circulating in the blood and if your doctor knew this they would be testing for it.

I can tell you your doctor knows nothing beyond the Total T number either being in the reference ranges or outside the ranges. Your doctor doesn’t have proper training necessary for diagnosing and or treating you.


Well my new doctors tested for free t and I showed it to my endo and he said it was fine… hormones are not my problem, I mentioned to him the low e2 and he said he doesn’t think its an issue. Reccomended I see a sex therapist…