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Help with Bloodwork, Dealing with Infertility

good morning guys,

to make a long story short i am a 35 year old male and have been dealing with infertility for a long while, I’ve always been depressed as a kid but the depression has gotten really bad. the fertility clinic ran some blood work on me and i just need help determining the next step of action and if anyone else had these numbers. any help is appreciated.

TSH = 1.37 (0.4 - 4.0)
Total testosterone = 183 (200 - 1161)
LH = 1.98 (1.7 - 8.6)
FSH = 2.44 (1.5 - 12.4)
E2 =15.86 (7.63 - 42.6)

Your LH and Total T match up almost perfectly, you’re missing Free T and SHBG. TSH is a poor marker for thyroid status. Your TRT protocol should focus on very frequent injections or I expect TRT to not show good results.

T is very low.

thanks for the reply. he is also running some chromosome tests also but those wont be back till 3 weeks.

Is your infertility being treated yet? If not, you could try hCG.

Your testosterone is low, obviously, and your free testosterone level will not be acceptable.

You could have free T4 and free T3 levels checked.

Was on clomid for 6 months. Testorone went up to 325 but then went back down once I sto
pped. The morthopogy was normal…just not enough of them to have a kid. I think it was below 200 thousand. Thinking something with pituitary.

Medicine is advancing quickly, science will solve this infertility problem for you.

Thanks for the encouragement. We’ve been trying for 12 years but only found out the real issues about a year ago

Forgot to mention I also have been diagnosed with narclopsey. Only developed symptoms in the last 8 years.

Wouldn’t HCG or clomid help with this though?

also I have a quick question I’m going for my varicoclle surgery on Monday was thinking of asking my doctor to help me with a restart. But the thing is I’m scared of throwing my whole protocol out the door just to try a restart and if the restart does not work and it may make me feel bad how long will it take for me protocol to kick back in and make me feel good again?

They have tried clomid untill my insurance wouldn’t pay anymore…was on it for almost a year…also had varicoclle surgery last year…numbers still low…as far as your question I wouldn’t know but I had to rest and let the body heal so I would prob hold off cause my doc told me any stress at first could make it come back

Are you on TRT?
Do they know what the cause may have been for your numbers to be low?
Question after your surgery how long did you have to wait before you could have sex again?

Not on trt because of still wanting kids. Seems like since my lh and fsh is low also it may be my my hypothalamus or pitutiary. Had to wait about two weeks before sex…very little scaring also

I just had my surgery on Monday my scrotum is really swollen is that normal?

It was for me…I took a few days off work and laid down alot. Returned to normal and my scar stayed purple for a good while but is now barely visable.

im not to worried about the scar. Did you see any type of improvement in anywhere after the surgery?

As funny as it sounds my testicles dropped a little. And my energy went up some…after the surgery and 6 months of clomid my testosterone was 305. It seems now that my problem is the signal to make testosterone is messed up not the actual making of it