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Help With Bloods - 7/12 Wk Test E & Dbol Cycle

Ht: 5’11
Wt: 200lbs (183lb start of cycle)
Cycle History:2 years ago 6w 75mg HDrol. Last year 4w Metha-Drol Extreme (20mg superdrol, 30mg diamethazine, 30mg decadrol)ED

Quality/Trusted Source
1-12wk HCG 600IU (2x300IU mon,thurs)
1-12wk Adex .30mg EOD (liquid)
1-12wk Test E 600mg (2x300mg mon,thurs)
1-6wk Dbol 25mg ED

14-19wk clomid 50,50,25,25,25
14-19wk tamox(nolva) 40,40,20,20,10
14wk+ DAA, creatine, cortisol control

Bloods were taken unfasted and while sick with a cold/flu. I’m most concerned about that high E2. I immediately popped 1mg Adex and will continue with a 3 day blast, then taper to .5mg EoD. Do you think this is sufficient? For those high liver values I bought some NAC and Liv52.