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Help with Bloods 1 Year After First Cycle

OK guys, so I need some help and advice on the situation. I ran a testosterone enanthate 500 mg per week cycle last year. It was my first cycle so I made sure to do everything right accordingly as I know. I haven’t posted in a while. I used arimidex .5 on injection days … made good gains . Nolva on standby . 4-6 weeks pct… no negative sides until pct . Super bad acne on back … so here I am almost a year off cycle and I get bloods … my testosterone level is a 252 and my estradiol is a 5 … i explained with my doc my cycle last year … I just don’t understand why this has happened . 5 weeks into cycle my test was 1885… so everything was legit … why hasn’t my body recovered? And it’s looking like it never will apparently… my 1st cycle just fucked me into TRT it looks like … I’m really irritated at this point … I’m 5”10 . 193… 28 years old … I normally sit at 205-212. While working out heavy so I’ve actually lost a lot of weight. … shoulder injury has stopped my work outs … I wanted to just give my body optimal time to recover and apparently I’m fucked now

Do you know your TT and e2 levels before you ran the cycle? Maybe you’ve been low before?

You could try another PCT before going down the TRT road.

Unfortunately, I jumped the gun and didn’t get pre cycles … :disappointed: … but I’ve never had low t symptoms… my e2 5 weeks in was around 13 I believe …and test 1880s … now test is super low almost a year later !!! A healthy 28 year old male shouldn’t be in the 200s

How would I go about that a year later ? … and suggestion on a pct ?

Couple things you should do before retrying a PCT. Get more blood work. You need another test to confirm low T. If you took the test not in the morning, slept poorly, drank a bunch, etc, that can lead to lower than normal tests. I would say try to take the test early in the morning on your most normal of days with a normal night rest.

You also need test LH and FSH to determine if if those are low (indicating secondary hypogonadism). If they are, a PCT has a chance of improving your testosterone production. If they are high, you probably are not coming back and need TRT (you likely have primary hypogonadism in that case, and your body is trying to up the test, the balls just don’t work well enough). If the latter is the case, you are probably not going to do much with a PCT.

For the PCT (if secondary), I would start a bit lower than if you had just done a cycle if it is me. I would just do 20, 20, 20, 10, 10, 10 for 6 weeks total. Then wait a month and do bloods again.

You could skip the bloods and do PCT, and just measure test, free test and E2 a month or so after too. This is an okay approach, but the trade off is you are just blindly taking drugs and hoping.

If you do need TRT, it isn’t the worst thing in the world. You will likely achieve more physically than you would natty. It is a pain to be living on an injection schedule, but there are worse things.

Sorry for late Response. My LH is low, it is 1.2. My FSH is 2.3 which is in average results. My E2 is 5…
I hate to go on a TRT route, at 28 years old I don’t think I should. I am irritated and I don’t understand how one testosterone enanthate cycle, would doom me for TRT

That crashed e2 is likely why you feel so bad. Something like Clomid might be worth trying again

Ok so if I were to do a nolva pct for 6 weeks 20,20,20,10,10,10 And throw in some chlomid what would I dose that ? … and would any of you guys try this before Trt ? What is a healthy off cycle E2

I’m not sure if Nolva raises e2 like Clomid does, maybe someone else has info on that. But I’ve def heard of Clomid doing it.

Normal for natural guys maybe 20-30pg. Many on cycle or TRT feel better with e2 higher than that tho

I did research for over a year and with the help of this forum etc. before I ever touched the cycle … I know their is always risks with anabolics… thatÂ’s the name of the game … but with my natural test in 600s at 26… do a test only cycle . Pct and then almost a year later at 260. (60 year old man level) clearly my body isnÂ’t going to recover from the one cycle ever

Go to an endocrinologist.
Fix everything before you hop on trt.
I’m going through the same thing. I tested at 220 300 390 540 over the course of about 4 months.
I strongly believe that what’s causing mine is poor.sleep (I work nights)
Dont stress over it. I just went to an endocrinologist today. Was basically told I’m ok.

What did they say ? And what is an option they have other than trt? Because I’ve been around 260 apparently for months now and I feel fuckin awful

Eliminate everything that could be causing it. What’s your lh fsh and shbg?

LH 1.2(low) FSH 2.3 (norm range)

So you are secondary for hypogonadism. That means your balls are likely working, just not getting enough signal. I would try a restart PCT, then get blood work once you are off of the nolva for at least a month. If that doesn’t work, you can do trt, live with low levels, or do a serm or HCG monotherapy.

Ok thanks man … so I’ll attempt a nolva 20/20/20/10/10 pct and see how I am after that … that shouldn’t effect my E2 at all right ? And should I run chlomid as well or just nolva? … I feel like I ran a proper pct after cycle but a fucking year later I have 65 year old test levels and I’m miserable !!!

Try it and see what happens
My lh was 6.1 and fsh 3.1 from what I remember

Are you super low on energy?

Absolutely I feel like shit … would the nolva help my body start to produce its own test again ? Or should I do 2 weeks of hcg then start a nolva pct ?

E2 will probably rise because testosterone will likely rise. I don’t think you need an ai, because nolva won’t get your test levels that high. Probably high normal while on it.

Since you have not been on test for so long, I would not do HCG as it is suppressive in a secondary sense. I can explain what that means if you don’t get it.