Help with Blood Test Results

Test Prop cycle
350mg prop p/week (12 weeks)
.25 mg adex ED
Nolva 40/20/20/20
HCG 1500, 1000, 500

Blood Test Results 1 week before cycle ended

Test 3000
Calc Free Test 115
Estridol 37
Esterone 38
Total Estrogens 75

2 months post cycle no Adex no Test

Test 435
Didnt test free and SHBG too expensive
Estridol 22
Estrone 16
Total 38

Needing some advice on these numbers. Please comment on these numbers both while on cycle and off. I have done some research and it appears that Estrogen shoud be between 20-25 - not sure if that number is for Estridol of Total Estrogen?

In the event it is for either it appears I need to get it down. I have adex and letro. In researching it appears the letro can have greater side effects however it is more powerful. Anyone with experience with Letro?

Would it be wiser to increase Adex to get numbers down? Again please commnet on the numbers good or bad.

Thanks for your help.

E2/estradiol seems idea where it is now.

Total estrogen is not a concern unless one has abnormal estrogen metabolite pathways. If your libido is good, I would not worry. I do not work esterone enought to have any sense of what those numbers mean.

Letro’s actions can be to much and the effects can be very strong for some. The dose/response is not very predictable. Adex is more controllable. When off cycle, the amount of adex that one might need could be as low as .5mg/week.

I would do nothing with those numbers. But no real harm in a low dose trial. Let your libido be your guide. Too little E2 can kill libido, make one feel crappy and create joint aches for some (longer term). In your state, you could do a 1mg single dose bump and note the effects as E2 levels drop then recover. Note what was good and what whas not, then use that to guide a following low does trial. If libido tanks during the 1mg bump, you know that E2 went way to low for you. If you feel great now and libido is strong, perhaps no need to do anything.

Thanks KSman I was hoping you would chime in! I forgot to mention that I am starting another cycle. I want to keep my E2 (now that I know thats estridol is) between 20-25. Can i increase to .5 the adex ED since the .25 didnt do the trick.

How did the SHGB and Free test look while on cycle?

Thanks for your input.

I wouldn’t go that high, that’s 3.5mg/week. For me personally, there is a HUGE difference how my body reacts at 1.5/week vs. 2.0/week of adex.
The one time I was way north of 200mg T/week, using 2mg/week of adex put me >32. If I take 1.5mg/week I have bacne, at 2mg/week I don’t.
Libido is good at both dosages. But once again, that’s me only, your mileage may vary.