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Help With Blood Test Results...

Hello all,

Hope someone could give me some advice regarding my recent blood tests results…

Here’s my regime …

Have been on cycle for quite some time, like almost none stop for the past year, without much break, been using D-bol at 6 - 7 tabs a day.

Also been on T4 and ephedrine occasionally cos been trying to get cut.

My daily supplementary intake has been -

High protein, low fat, high fibre diet

Milk Thistle (standardised extract) 2 -3 times daily


Vitamin C - 1000mg 3X

Vitamin E - 200 IU

Evening Primrose Oil - 1000mg

Garlic Oil

GInkgo Biloba - 2000mg 3X


Spirulina - 1000mg 3x

7 - 8 litres water daily

Green tea - 2 strong cups daily

Everything else in my blood test was normal, including my urine sample, but the following markers were as follows -

Renal Function

Urea - 10.4 MMOL/L (Normal - 1.7-8.4)

Uric Acid - 0.44 MMOL/L (Normal - 0.20-0.42)


Total Cholesterol - 5.8 MMOL/L (Normal- Less than 5.2)

HDL - 0.97 MMOL/L (Normal - More than 1.04)

LDL - 4.4 MMOL/L (Normal - Less than 2.6)

Liver Function

SGOT - 70 IU/L (Normal - 0 to 40)

SGPT - 110 IU/L (Normal - 0 to 53)

I have a competition in 5 weeks time, so actually planning to be on cycle til then, but kinda worried bout my results…not sure if I should continue with the cycle or get off immediately.

Just worried if my liver and kidneys are alright. From my understanding, in terms of liver function, if SGOT and SGPT levels are elevated, it could just mean these enzymes (also present in skeletal muscle tissues)are elevated and not necessarily imply actual liver damage? Cos my GGT, Total protein, Albumin, Globulin, Alkaline Phosphatase and Bilirubin levels were normal.

From what I understand,other than slight elevation of these liver enzymes + hard training, D-bol has also been known to lower HDL and increase LDL?

As for my elevated urea and uric acid levels, could that be due to my high protein intake?

Sorry for such a long post, but just need some professional advice cos I do not have access to a GP who is knowledgeable bout steroid cycles and blood tests…could someone help?

Just wondering if I should be concerned bout these results…interms of my liver and kidneys. Been drinking heaps of water to help flush out the toxins…