Help with Blood Test Results

Used steroids around 7 years ago and basically felt like crap ever since. A pct was done afterwards. The cycle was test and deca.

I’m 28, 5”8

Had these most recent results and i’m really confused by them as I haven’t touched any substances or drugs ever since yet everything looks so elevated.

Anyone a guess to the reason why ?


SO this is not being on anything?

Your LH is out of control. Have you had an MRI on your pituitary?

That prolactin is a problem too. Go see a doc.

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It’s malpractice (IMO) if his dr. didn’t prescribe an MRI.

Sorry should have added in i had blood test 3 years prior which actually looked different to this but prolactin was high and they did an mri on me which was fine and a macroprolactin test which came back high.

No not a single thing im taking which is why i’m so shocked at current results, you’d think i was on trt looking at them.

Could stress or anything cause all these to be so elevated as they are? Any ideas as to the cause

Thanks for replies

What does your dr say about why these are sooooo out of range naturally?

Something is really wrong here. I’d get another MRI.

This test i did private mate out my own pocket because of how i feel , i spoke to a specialist over email and hes told me go to my doctors as i’ll need referring back to an endo.

I really cant see why the sudden shift in values considering i’ve took nothing, i’ll attach the test i had done 3 years ago privately, had same symptoms then. Prolactin was 500 back then


Except the FSH an LH would be at or near zero if you were on test. It kind of points to a benign tumour or something along those lines. The sooner you get to a doctor, the better.

I just really dont know mate.

Do you think taking some sort of natural product to try lower E2 will help symptoms for now as the nhs really is a slow mover and i’m sick of feeling like crap all the time, it really does spoil your life

Here’s the thing, you really don’t know that E2 has anything to do with it, and I would actually lay money that it does not have anything to do with it. That second lab that you posted shows a very high SHBG and a crap free testosterone. You feel like crap because your free T is too low. Crushing the E2 will just compound your misery. Something is wrong, and you need to see an endo.

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My thinking is that second lab was 3 years ago and i thought the same as you back then , high shbg crap free t, thats The cause of my symptoms. But this most recent test you’d at least think id notice some difference considering my free t is now sky high which is why i believe e2 is causing issues at the minute. But there is defo a problem somewhere in causing everything to be elevated

Your E2 is not high. It’s just not. There are some things pretty high on there, E2 is not one of them.

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