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Help With Blood Results, What Next?

Hi guys,

I was searching for some info regarding my blood results and a lot from here were coming up.

So I thought I’d see if you can help with what I should do next.

Serum test - 10.6nmol/L (9 - 29)

Serum LH - 1.4 iu/L (1.00 - 10.00)

Serum FSH - 5.6iu/L (1.5 - 12.40)

These bloods were drawn at 9am at the request of my doctor.

I’m 34 years old with a good diet, I work out 3 times a week and have a fairly demanding delivery job delivering fresh food (I get a lot of my meals from here). So I’m quite fit.

The reason for the test was because I went to the docs with a list of symptoms.

Bad mood, lethargy, libido problems and erection problems and the doctor sent me for bloods testing hormones.

Pretty much my life has become absolutely s**t and I felt like I was a shadow of my old self.

I’m getting mad at the kids for stupid things and I feel really s**t afterwards.

I’m making excuses so I don’t have to do anything with them like even playing in the yard. Again I feel like s**t.

I’m a horrible dad and husband at the minute.

I can sleep 12 hours then wake up and be tired a few hours later.

As soon as 5/6pm hits I’m absolutely tanked. I’ve got no desire for sex and even when we do it lately I’ve lost my erection twice and I get no morning wood.

I also feel like I’m vacant, well not vacant, I don’t really know how to explain it. Kind of like I’m not here and just existing like a soulless body if you get what I mean.

I have been treated for depression and the pills work for a few weeks or months then I’m back in the same place and switched or upped in dose.

This time I said to the doctor I don’t think they are the cause of my issues because my symptoms come back despite me taking steps they said, I’ve quit smoking, started going the gym about a year ago and also eat a lot cleaner.

Thank you in advance, your expertise is greatly appreciated.


It would seem you have the testosterone levels of a old man and is why you are grumpy, your very your LH confirms that the testicle stimulation is quite low as well. The average 34 year old man is quite a bit higher, at least 20 nmol/L.

This kind of thing is becoming more common, men’s testosterone levels have been declining over the last 70 years and no one knows why exactly. Your doctor hasn’t really ordered enough labs for you to undertake TRT. The fact that you have no Free T or SHBG testing suggests you are going through the NHS.

Most men never really elevate their testosterone naturally to a point where all symptoms are gone, those scoring around 300 usually end up on TRT at some point. Your pituitary gland is failing if your low LH has anything to say about it.

The cause could be as simple as sleep apnea which would see elevated HCT and the interrupted sleep would lower LH as your brain gets less oxygen.

Low testosterone and depression are linked, 8 out of 10 men with low testosterone see it vanish on TRT. In fact antidepressants can lower testosterone, typically men on antidepressants who really have low testosterone will not see an improvement because the cause of depression is not being addressed.

Most cases of depression and anxiety have a hormonal imbalance link, those with low thyroid hormones and/or low testosterone and are often scripted SSRIs instead of hormones. Doctors are generally terrible at diagnosing and treating hormonal problems, prescription drugs seem to be the prefered route, prescribing hormones requires greater skill from the doctor.


Thanks for taking the time to post such a detailed answer. Is HCT haematocrit?

If so that was also on my results coming in at 0.427 (0.4 - 0.52).

Yes I am with the NHS, I’ve just read up that my next appointment should have me set up with a more detailed blood test.

At least I kind of know why I’m feeling so crap now which is a bit of a relief, well pending further tests.

Kind regards,


You do not have sleep apnea, HCT would be elevated as the body attempts to increase oxygen.

The NHS is notoriously bad for men on TRT, we get complains all the time. There are doctors good a TRT, but most are in private practices. Do not expect your doctor to be very knowledgeable.

You will have to self educate to vet your doctor, otherwise you may be putting your trust in someone not very knowledgeable.

I had similar symptoms. Been on TRT for 5 week are much better. I agree, knowing you have a problem and what that problem is really helps.

Do you research and decide what to do.

Thank you again, I will ask for the other more in depth blood test and see what they say once the results are back in.

I’ll go in armed with a fair bit of research just in case they try to fob me off or something.

How long should you wait to get a second test done by the way?

I’ve seen some prices online for private treatment and it looks a bit expensive to be honest, well those online management places are with subscriptions or monthly retainers whatever they are.

So NHS would be better if I could get it but I can see that it might be hard should I actually need testosterone replacement.

Thanks again

Thanks for chiming in, are you in the UK? How are you treated, NHS or private.


Not in the UK, I am in the US but even here it is hard to find a TRT doc that is covered by insurance.

I don’t think its difficult to understand why testosterone levels are decreasing. Lack of hardcore resistance training, working office jobs, not eating enough calories, too much stress.

I went to buy jeans today, and literally every guys jeans are made for ULTRA SKINNY EMO LEGS. The fact many guys nowadays are walking around in extra small cloths amazes me. I mean, what happened to men looking like men, having meat on there bones and lifting strong. It pains me to see all these skinny emo guys walking around and thinking its the norm.

The whole ‘I just have a fast metabolism’ is bullshit. The reality is, many guys just don’t train enough or hard enough and eat enough.

Aah that’s crap, at least you are sorted now though.

Do you feel a lot better on trt replacement?

I feel much better. Libidio and energy are back up to good levels but I am only 5 weeks in so still gotta wait to see how things stabilize.

That’s great mate I’m really happy you’re getting better. If you were anything like how I am right now you must feel like a whole weight has lifted.

I’m really struggling at the minute and I’m really just glad that there is something to look into and maybe even fix.

I think if I am actually diagnosed with a problem and need trt to bring me up a little I’ll probably have to go private despite the costs.

I mean if I am actually having problems I’d probably rather speed things up by paying, get myself better and then try to switch to NHS.

Hope you keep improving and reach a nice steady level.