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Help with Blood Results After 9 Month B&C

Hi guys,

If anyone could help me out here I would be massively appreciative.

I’m 26 been training for around 7 years and began gear around 2 years ago.

I have been on a blast and cruise for the last 9 months but now have come off as i’m leaving my job and going traveling around the world for 12 months.

This of course was not planned before I started my cycle.

The Blast and cruise consisted of test e at 500/750 Blast - 150mg cruise, I also used a few orals in the blasts.

I regrettably didn’t use hcg during cycle.

My last pin was 150mg test e on 13/07 and then the following day i began the ‘power pct’ protocol 2000iu hcg eod for 20 days, 100mg clomid and 40mg nova.

I had some bloods yesterday 10/08 and the results are;

dhea - 13.6
FSH 2.47
LH 4.17
test - 8.25 nmol/L
sex hormone binding glob 31.8
free androgen index 25.94

I go traveling in 4 and a half weeks time and I’m worried I’m not going to recover and be shutdown which will ruin the whole experience.

Can anyone tell me what you think or on what I should do?

I plan on continuing clomid and nova for the next 4 weeks then having more bloods done just before I leave.

Thank you

You should have waited 3 weeks before starting pct.

Cut out the Clomid, run the nolva train and eat and you will be back to normal.