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Help with Bloated Stomach in Type 2B/Type 3

im type2B most likely Type 3 , 53 y.old, and keep clean diet , carbohydrates based diet ,{ your recommendation },but note some kind of bloating . it’s not fat ,but bloat . the belly still balloon almost all the time ? if I switch to low carb , bloated stomach and gas disappear , but how you said is not optimal for this Neuro Types ,for reason cortisol and serotonin production ?

What are your carb sources? Maybe it’s a gluten sensitivity. Maybe you’re not great with beans. Maybe you need to eat low FODMAP.

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My belly was always bloated after gluten. i am also type 3. and when i was drinking coffe every day, my belly was like full of water

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i’m 52, quite sure neurotype 3 fits me best, and i’m also bloated. love coffee and bread btw. fokk it, why are the things u love are taken away? i’d like to hear there is something else that make u bloated and not coffee and bread or that there is a pill u could take to stop the bloating.

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Maybe these couple of tips can help you:

  1. Like mentioned above… find out what carb sources work for you and which don’t. A FODMAP approach lets you eliminate certain types of sugars which can lead to bloating.

  2. Carbs are of importance for people will low serotonin. That doesn’t mean you have to overindulge into them. Just find out how much you can tolerate absolutely and relatively. For instance: a whole banana can upset you on an empty stomach, while eaten in combination with fats and protein may give you no problem.

  3. You mention that you drink coffee, which in combination with a high baseline stresslevel can put you in a sympathetic state. When eating foods at that time can create gas because the body won’t allow for a proper digestion. Try to get your body in a para sympathetic state before eating anything. This can be done through some breathing, meditation, a walk, listening to some music or having a relaxed conversation. Anything to get you out of that fight of flight mode.

  4. A last resort might be trying some digestive enzymes. But normally by following the tips above your body will produce themselves.


i’ll reduce wheat to see .thnx