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Help With Blast Straps Idea


I'm wondering what would b the best way to make a homemade blast strap. I've checked this site out: angelfire.com/ny5/shenandoah/Grunt/grunt.html but am still wondering what would provide the most strength.

If I were to get rid of all the knots and replace them with sliders instead, would it b stronger? My dad said the third design would b the strongest, but I think it would just b a hassle to try and balance urself when trying to do the whole movement; one side may dip lower than the other.


Not sure what your intention is with these but couldn't you use JumpStretch Bands?


yep 3rd design is best, it won't dip lower you can keep it steady, if worried about it sliding around then you have a strength or weight imbalance(!) ... you could loop the tape through the top carabiner in a knot. You don't need sliders if you know how to tie a tape knot or a figure 8, you should prob. get the tape from a climbing store, and finally, it is not a bad idea to have the pvc pipe setup with several options, e.g get some 2" pipe and put it on its own tape, and some 3" pipe, in other words, so you can swap them around with longer/thicker pipes.

hope that rambling helps - i have a similar setup. pvc pipe is great stuff!

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ya man, I use a 2" PVC for pressing movements (equals 2.5" when measuring the thickness of the pipe) and a 1 1/2" for pulling movements (2" including thickness).

has it ever dipped on one side for u though? I'm still a little afraid that it would.


I take 2 lenths of chain to the gym, with 2 large carabiners and 2 small carabiners.
I loop the chains over the bar of the smith machine (yahoo a good use for the Smith machine that doesn't involve hanging a coat on it!) and adjust their length using the small carabiners ( and the height adjustment of the bar) and then use the large carabiners to attach a cable handle to each of the chains. Works well, is cheap, is adjustable easily, little bit weighty.


I do the exact same thing... use it for pushups and dips