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Help with Best PCT After Test-Masteron-Tren Cycle?

I’m coming off my Test prop+masteron+Tren Ace cycle next week. I would like to know the perfect PCT protocol consisting of nolvadex+clomid+HCG. As i try very hard to keep my gains off-cycle. But i always have to start from zero. Can someone plan a perfect PCT that pro-athletes follow. I’ll be very thankful. :slight_smile:

Start HCG at 500iu 3x per week (starting now) for two weeks. Normally it’s a little longer, but with short esters you have less runway space between cycle ending and pct beginning.

Nolva 40/40/20/20

Skip the Clomid

Done and done.


What iron said! I would like to add just for clarity, HCG is not a PCT drug. You can use it up to but do not overlap it with your SERM / PCT therapy. Basically PCT is performed to get our bodies to produce their own “HCG.” You okay to literally use HCG up to the day before PCT.

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Thank you for replying…i would like to know why skip clomid…?

Here is the PCT that my coach game me…can you please tell me what is wrong with this…

Clomid just has a higher incidence of side effects vs Nolva. It’s also much weaker. Your coach’s pct is wrong in two directions, one is dose (waaaay too much Clomid; day one doses are irrational) and length (four weeks is the standard minimum). But what he’s got there will work, just not as well and with a bit more risk. Your goal should always be minimum effective dosage.

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I can’t find 500 IU hcg in the medical store…they have either 2000 IU or 5000 IU… What should i do…?

Figure out how many 500iu shots you need then buy the 5000 or 2000 kits. You might need an extra sterile vial to dilute it so get one if necessary. Get a bottle of bacteriostatic water. I always dilute the 1cc 5000iu kit with 4cc of bac water to get 5cc at 1000iu per cc. When you need 500iu withdrawal 1/2 cc and inject.

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I’m gonna follow the pct that iron_yuppie wrote… hopefully I’ll be able to preserve my gains…:slightly_smiling_face: You guys are the best

HCG comes in a kit, usually consisting of a vial of 5000 (2000) of powder and one bottle of bac water. You use the water to make the solution for the actual reconstituted HCG.

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when should i start my pct when my last shot tren ace is on friday…?

I’d say Tuesday would be fine. Those short esters don’t take very long to clear, so Tuesday means you’ve allowed three full days, which is just about right.


And when should be my last shot for hcg 500IU…?

You can start the hcg now and run it until until you start pct. Or delay pct by a week or two and just use the hcg. Lots of ways to do it.

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I have like 15 days to end my cycle…you told me to start it now so i took 500IU shot yesterday 14-september-2019 so plZ tell me for how long should i do HCG now…upto what date. My last shot for tren will be on 27 September 2019

Take it from now until the 27th. Start pct the 30th or October 1st.

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do i need to run A.I during hcg 500iu x3 a week? if yes what dose ?
and for how long should a person run hcg, who have been on gear for about 18 weeks?
my last injection of tren was on 21st of september and first injection for hcg was on 14th of september. :slight_smile: as you said i can delay my pct by a week or two and just use hcg…please guide me…

Hcg aromatization happens intratesticularly, so an AI won’t help. No reason to take it with hcg unless you have a really good understanding of how to precisely lower non-hcg mediated e2 and how much hcg causes a rise in said e2. That’s way above your pay grade.

You can run hcg up until a week before pct if you’d like. No reason to run it any further than that.

Hey I’m about to try a tren mast prop 100/100/100. Could you layout the pct for me as I rather take the precautions. I’m 51 great shape. Used gear during my 20’s and half my 30’s. I’ve use nolvadex clomid and pregnyl before . I loved proviron. Could use some advice would greatly appreciate it.

Run it exactly how he wrote for the other guy

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Tren metabolites stick around for a long time. Like, up to six months after you’ve stopped using it. Guys pct off of it all the time, but 90% of the “help! My testosterone levels are fucked” posts are from a guy who used tren and didn’t know what he was bargaining for. At 51 you’re playing a rigged game and the outcome isn’t set in your favor.