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Help with Benzyl Benzoate

hey i had read somewhere that some underground labs tend to leave out benzyl benzoate in there gear, which really makes short esters hurt for days after injection. i get my gear from an underground lab and had bought masteron a couplr of months back and had to stop from the pain.

considering i had to inject every other day eventually my whole body was killing me. i have heard you can add it in yourself, anyone happen to know how and/or how much to add? thanks for any help guys

How do you know they left it out? It could be too high a concentration of BA. Have you tried cutting it with oil? I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone say to put more BB into painful gear. Most guys will just say to toss it and find a different lab.

BB isnt there to reduce pain, it is there to keep the drug stable i think and the BA is there to assist in dissolving…

I’m assuming his thought process is that his gear doesn’t contain BB, so the juice is crystallizing inside his muscle causing excessive pain. Is there even a way to verify if it’s in there? If not, he may inadvertently double the dose of BB if he adds to it. What kind of sides would that cause?

yes i am assuming that is the case that there is no bb there. if that isnt the problem anything esle help with the pain?

I assume he can add a little BB to the mix if there is not any in there now then he will have about 10% or whatever he puts

most places I seen “say” they add 20% BB
I have added 30% in my gear no problems at all.

I wouldnt mess with the BB
painful gear usually comes from high BA content anyways.

could try cutting it with oil,but I really do not see a way to tell how much BB is in a mix if any at all.
and adding too much BB I assume would be bad for the muscle.

worse than too much oil anyways.

I asked earlier if you cut it with oil. Sometimes that’s enough to take care of it. I would cut 1:1 with some USP oil if it’s truly that painful.

You can also try baking it. Vent the vial with a pin and throw it in the oven at 100 degrees for about 20 min. See if that helps it.

If all else fails, load up the iPod and rock out to Olivia Newton John to psych yourself up.

“Let’s get animal, animal,
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Let me hear your body talk,”

And stay away from that lab in the future. They’re very crude; not at all advanced.