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Help With Beginner's Program!


OMG..... im so confused , i went to the gym today and this guy asked if im new and i was like yeh , he told me to do as many reps as i could do with the most weight so i can gain mass then all of a sudden this other guy was like b/s do more reps with less weight its better for noobs... 5 minutes later you got 2 huge guys verbally fightin and getten really serious then sumone broke it up... anyway some one please tell me wat to do more weight less reps or more reps less weight.
im 17 5'8" 130 lb and its my 9th day to the gym. here's a embarasing side view.



best thing I can do is give you this and tell ya to read it about 5 times..




I would say that you should stick to higher reps (10-15ish) for a while until your body gets used to the new training you're giving it.

Maybe stick with that rep range for the first 4-6 months or so, changing up your routine a little, every 6 weeks or so.

I keep saying "or so" because everyone's different, but being a begginer you should give your body plenty of time to adapt.

Remember, this should be a life-long thing you're doing. Consistancy pays off. Make it as routine as brushing your teeth (or even more so for some).

Read a LOT of articles on this site, as this is by far the best free site I've ever been to for QUALITY advice.

Here's probably the best place to start:


Read through it all, then read it again. Click on the links vroom provides and read them. It's definitley worth the time it takes to get through them all! Even if it takes you a while.

Just remember to keep doing something as you're learning. A lot of people want to do everything perfect before starting, but it's much better to start now, and improve as you learn.

Good luck and keep us posted with your results.


Here's the link to an article by Eric Cressey, called "Smart From the Start." This should help you out, along the previous links to vroom's thread for beginners.


Hope this helps!


Also, try not to stir up too much conversation at the gym. Read about basic training principles and don't pay much attention to what people say or do at your gym. This will most likely cause you to lose focus on your training.

I would go with higher reps. Focus on your form and "tourching" your muscles. Successful bodybuilders feel the muscle not the weight. Just my 2 cents.


Nice link from the TMM. Remember to start out at a higher rep range (8+). The programs on the beginners thread are ironically not really for beginners if not adjusting the rep range.