Help with Beginner Cycle

Hello to all in here,I am a new member so go easy on me!
After a long time reading some posts in here about cycles etc. I want you to give me some advice on how to start a cycle for a first time.
Stats are: age 24,training about 5 years now,weight is 79kg(pretty lean),height 1,80cm,I have been able to control my diet and gain some good lean mass through these years.(as im not gaining fat easy)
So, any help for first time cycle would be great guys.
(sorry for my bad English as im from greece).

Zito Ellada! Welcome to the board. I do not make recommendations on cycles as I am a TRT guy. But I do not hesitate to say hello to a fellow Greek

I’m a lol bit different from other but I would start with 300mg test e or cup and .5 arimidex a week. As the weeks move along you can bump up the dose

Wks 1 thru 6 300mgs
7 thru 10 400mgs
11 thru 16 500mg

What are you planning to do after the cycle, pct or cruise