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Help with Band Friction Hurting

Working out at home for obvious reasons. I bought a set of highly rated exercise bands with the intention of doing some banded lateral walks and banded hip raises for glutes and banded neutral grip dumbbell shoulder presses. However, I am discovering that I cannot take the searing pain the bands inflict on me, tearing the hair and flesh off my arms and legs. Am I doing something wrong?

I realize a simple answer is to wear pants and a sweatshirt, however it is summer and I am doing this in my very hot, humid garage. I know I’ll get some “quit being a pussy” responses too, which is standard protocol for the internet so all I can say to that is that I normally have a high pain tolerance and I’m doing my best.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

You could invest in some workout tights. The Starter brand at Walmart is super cheap and basically Under Armor knockoffs.

That’s about all I can think of. My bands do the same to me, but only the first couple reps or so suck and then they kind of settle in place and stop pulling at my hair/skin.

That’s a great idea, Thank You!

By chance, do your bands rub your flesh raw like an old school “Indian Burn?” I’ve tried a couple times now and my skin is raw for several days afterward and looks like an extreme sunburn or something.

Nah they don’t get that bad. Sometimes they leave red marks, but they’ll go away after a little bit of time. I haven’t had them burn through layers of skin or anything though.

I have an Xercuff I bought for lateral walks and they come with padded Velcro straps for your ankles.

I think you might be able to create a similar effect by putting a towel or sock between your skin and the band.

Another cheap option could be the old school wrist bands…or those cheap neoprene compression sleeves for knees. Put them on your legs for the band work and then strip them off when you’re done.

The advice is good. Maybe try taking some slack out of the band when you put it around your legs/ back? If you go ahead and pre-stretch, and then hold that tension, I feel like that’s got to reduce the rubbing.

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Not being able to take the pain of a band on your skin doesn’t make you a pussy, but it does make you Not Highlander.

No one suggested slathering oneself with mayo yet?

I am disappointed.

Assumed? I figure that’s the “turn it off and on” of the lifting world

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