Help With Back Thickness

Hey im just coming back from being and i want to make a program. My main weakness is back thickness as my chest grows so much easier than my back. (My lats grow fine). I love CW’s principles and his ABBH ABBH2 programs just by looking at them. My problem is I cant design a program that emphasizes the thickness of my back muscles with using his principles. Its probably just something in my head, but I need help and will do whatever you guys suggest.

If you’re not rowing, that’s your problem right there. If you are, you need to concentrate on really contracting the lower part of your traps at the top of your movement.

Do you deadlift?

I deadlift and row, but i want to do a type of program like ABBH but since my thickness is my weakest problem i cant devote a lot of my energy towards it and the only way i would is if i workout each bodypart once a week and just kill my back that day.

Yes i deadlift and row, but if i solely concentrate on my back thickness, I’ll have to train each bodypart once a week. Thats why i need a program like ABBH but it emphasizes back thickness.

Good mornings, snatches, and cleans.

Try using dumbels occasionaly when doing cleans.

To echo what was earlier said, do rows and o-lifts. Heavy and hard. Also, the stretch tricks by Don Alessi have made a HUGE impact on myself and my clients. Try those out, and go nuts with them!