Help With Back Issues...

hey, i’m not actually over 35 (will turn 30 in a month), but i figure this is the forum that is best suited to answer my questions.

i’m currently deplyed in Iraq, and have been having some major back problems. i’v always had back problems, primarily pain and spasms, but it has pregressed to some numbness (possibly pinched nerve).

i’ve had an x-ray which ruled out structural damage, but the Chiro here checked me out and said my L-5 is rotated. i believe part of the problem is due to muscle imbalances (anterior delts and abs overdevloped) which can be corrected by focusing on my rear delts, midback, lower back and hamstriings and increasing flewability.

however, i’m looking to increase my recuperation and get back in the field.

also, i know that spending long periods of time in up-armored HMVEE’s with 45lbs+ of gear on doesn’t help, but there isn’t much i can do about that.



Suggest you post this on Cressey’s locker room thread. He is probably your best bet.

hey, forgot to put on my proposed program:

Lateral Raise-2x6-8
Rear Delt Machine-2x8-10
Lying External Rotation-2x10-12
Pelvic Tilt
Swiss Ball Crunches
Back Extensions

also, i’ll add some arm/calf work in as soon as as i can-just want to make sure this program is feasible.

would like to deadlift and add chinups, but i think at this point that might be too ambitious…


63 year old veteran here. I rec’d 3 back injuries from arrests, and recently 3 more in an industrial accident. Thank goodness you have a chiropractor available. My late friend was a 2nd or 3rd generation Chiropractor. He taught me some stretches.

Open a Door, put one hand on the inside door handle, the other on the outside handle. Now keeping your arms straight backing way from the door until your ears are between your elbows. Keep stretching…imagine a door handle on the wall behind you, keep stretching thinking you will grab that handle with your butt.

Believe me, when you get the hang of this you will get a great stretch, often re aligning your back and shoulders. If you have a friend you trust, have him stand behind you, and when fully stretched out he is to place his hands on your front hip bones, and gently pull backwards as in a traction movement.

This really does work, once you get the hang of it. Good luck to you.

I was in major league pain a few weeks back - low back pain shooting down my leg to my ankle. I was dying. I did some searching and found this article referenced on T-Nation: Press-Up for Back Pain by Matt Spiller. The original is posted on Dan John’s website at

After doing 1-2 sets of press-ups my leg pain was gone. Gone. Within a few weeks the back pain went away for the most part. If I don’t do the stretch a few times a day I feel it coming back, so I make sure to stretch.

If you think your abs are to tight, I would cut the swiss ball crunches.

look here
The Lazy Man’s Guide to Stretching
15 minutes to (joint) freedom!
by Ian King
Look at the stretches for the hip flexors and quads.
Hardcore Stretching, Part II
by Mike Robertson
Again, stretches for the quads and hip flexors.

hey, thanks for all the input guys! some of the stretches i do already, but will definately add in the ones i haven’t. i also searched and found the “Neanderthal no More” series, and that addressed some of my issues (as i know those muscle imbalances are a big part f my problme).



my back’s much better…the chiro said my L-5 is moved back where it needs to be. i’ve been deadlifting a little, and doing rear delt work. i think the key is to work on my posterior chain, as i realize now how underdeveloped mine is.

here’s my proposed workout:

Day 1:
External Rotation
Pelvic Bridge
Reverse Crunch
Seated Russian Twist
Preacher Curl
Overhead Tricep Extension
DB Reverse Wrist Curl

Day 2:
Overhead Squat
Bentover Lateral Raise
Back Extensions
Reverse Crunch
Russian Twist
Alternate DB Curl
Decline DB Tricep Extension
Wrist/Finger Curl

as of right now, i can’t do any chest/lat work, since my back flares up immediately…