Help With Back Double Biceps

I have a good front double biceps defination and all, but my back double biceps from lateral delt head to elbow is almost devoid of any defination except the triceps area.

i already do plenty of reverse grip and hammer curls. i’ve even constructed routines to bring up my brachilias muscles…high rep, low rep, lots of sets, every possible angle supine and prone, ultra heavy pulls, even set personal records on weighted close and neut. grip pull-ups.

i’ve only gained mass no defination. i’ve even dieted down and sacrificed muscle mass to get a shredded bicep pose form the back and nothing. i’m just looking for any tricks or ideas for getting defination in that area

I don’t have any tips but it is more than likely that this is just genetically a bad area for you. Maybe instead of focusing that idea you could work your delts or forearms to a very impressive state to distract from your genetic misfortune. Just an idea though.

I’m down for tips on this too - my arms get huge, but that’s the one place I can’t get definition.


It may be that you are simply putting to much stress on your arms. For me it is somewhere in the middle. I have decent def in my right arm but not as much in my left. However, my left arm is bigger.

Try using a preacher bench. It will make you use a very strict form which could be a part in your problem. Hammer curls are great but they will just add to the size of your arm. However, they do give a good separation between bi and tri.

Also, put alot of emphisis on the tri’s, they can be a very beautiful muscle when they develope correctly. I myself am trying hard to get that deep tri horseshoe look.

I don’t know if any of this rambeling helps, but God Luck!!!

Also… If it has not already been mentioned, try flexing your bi’s and tri’s hard after each set. Hold the flex for about 10 seconds. This aids in forcing more blood into the muscle. It seems to help a little for me. I know have a peak on my rear bi pose I believe due to flexing between sets.

This may help you believe… If your right handed and you try to show off a bicep you flex your right bicep right?

Now that will lead to your right arm appearing more defined than the left just as what has happened to me.

Also with the above mentioned ideas, try flexing your arms hard during the day without the use of weights. Oh Yeah!!! Don’t let people see you do this, you’ll look stupid as shit!GOOD LUCK!!!


i’ve got the tricep def. and bicep peak but no def. or separation in the brachilias area, and yes i do a lot of posing…althought i do have a great tip for stimulating mass rewards in the bi’s, elbow flexors and forarms. just do rack deadlifts with a pronate grip with both hands and follow it up with heavy weighted close grip pull-ups,and if you’re really brave you can try supernated (curl grip) deads but of course with high volume and moderate to light weight ex. 10 x 4,6. for those i personally use about 20, 30 sometimes 40 lbs heavier than my normal 8, 10 rep barbell curl…please please please use caution with this technique as you could pull a bicep. which worse than a hammie 'cause with a hammie injury you can still train, a bicep injury you can’t squat, any uppper body presses, etc.