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Help with Athlete Lean, Athlete Strong

I have a quick question about Athlete Lean, Athlete Strong. I have been strictly strength training since giving up sports around 2 years ago. Since then I have gained some numbers on my lifts I am fairly happy with. I started ALAS as I wanted to get back to more athletic style training and drop some fat. So far I’ve loved it, but today when I went to do the second week Monday workout, I struggled a lot. Now I understand that it is to be somewhat expected as I have been doing no running or circuits, but I had to grind out the trap bar deadlifts and had to drop significantly below the 67.5% to hit the reps and even then it was a struggle. So should I shoot to hit the 70% next week or what? I want to see how the rest of the days go this week to compare as well. Thanks in advance!

The percentages are just recommendations. Quality of reps prime over everything. So don’t hesitate to decrease the weight if needed, especially when conditioning in a limiting factor.

Yeah, the deadlift in this program is brutal. When I did ALAS I never deadlifted more than once a week before, so I dropped the weight by 5-10% after the first week and it was better