Help With Aromasin Dosing

I have done a ton of research regarding dosing aromasin for TRT, and I keep getting differing opinion and dosing schedules (plus there is much more about arimidex). I know everyone is different, and of course Bloods are the absolute when it comes to this kind of stuff.

But what I am really interested in, is people that are dialed in with TRT doses. I really would like to compile some info from people who are currently using this AI.

Currently I take 100mg of Test cyp split up into two doses every 3.5 days. I have been taking 3.75mg of Aromasin, with my shot, and I’m having slight high e2 symptoms, which I expected at this dose ( I know this is a low dose, starting low and I have tests scheduled). I would really like to keep taking it with my shot, but I’m open to hearing what is working for others. I know Aromasins half life is short, but its action is non reversible.

Please leave your TRT dose (hcg and test), and AI dose and daily schedule.

Thanks for your help.

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There is a lot of hype about this non-reversible AI. While aromasin might have a shorter serum half-life [24 hours] the half-life of the affected aromasin enzymes is longer and there is a duration of action of 4-5 days. There is a constant turnover of enzymes and more aromasin is needed to deal with newly formed enzymes. While some aspects of this action sound better than competitive AI anastrozole, it remains a fact that anastrozole is more effective on a mg and cost basis. But a few simply do not get balanced on anastrozole.

If you get E2 lab results, you can factor a dose increase based on that. I have seen some using 1/2 or 1/4th of a 25mg dose EOD. Perhaps dosing aromasin twice a week does not work as well as anastrozole twice a week because of half-life.

Based on your E2 symptoms, you can increase dose or frequency and eval after a week.

Thanks for the guidance. Drew e2 yesterday, but unfortunately, the increase from 80 to 100 might be too much for me (Bp increased consistently over a few days), so switching back to 40mg injections twice a week instead of 50. Will adjust my AI as well. Thanks again.

Could BP be related to high RBC and HTC?

TRT typically lowers BP relative to a pre-TRT state relative to a pre-TRT state by improvement of ability of arterial muscles to relax to accept next surge of blood. Higher HTC increases BP to some extent and some guys get higher BP with higher E2 levels from bloat and increased blood volumes. In your case, a small incremental increase in T should not be causing major effects. But we do learn that there are always a few guys who can have results that are unexpected.

Magnesium deficiencies can affect muscle tone and that can also show up as muscle cramps or ability to contract a muscle and have it lock up. Most are magnesium deficient. Chronic use of heartburn meds can cause absorption problems and multiple mineral deficiencies and low B-12.

Fish oil, B vitamins, lower E2, DHEA and antioxidants are useful for BP issues.

I don’t think it is related to high H/H. I was at 80mg a week and nowhere close to any of the top numbers for H/H, plus I have only been on the increased dose for approx. 3 weeks.

I read someone who had similar issues, actually on this forum. He stated that his body just didn’t like the higher levels of test and it was causing his adrenaline to increase (had it measured). I feel like my issue is similar, because when I started TRT, there was no question that I was having adrenaline/cortisol spikes.

I forgot to mention that my BP increases about 15-30 points diastolic when my test is peaking, exactly 20 hours after injection for about 4 hours.

My BP has always been an issue since I started TRT(possibly genetic? moms side has high bp). Right now I take 75mg of Losartan, and it keeps me in the 120/60, sometimes lower. (also take Chelated mag and Fish Oil) It was never an issue until I started TRT. It was always great, I had doctors always comment how good it was.

Its been an issue form the very beginning and its just something I deal with. In the beginning, when my TT was close to 1000, I had a similar issues.

It would make sense, that if my BP increases when my test is peaking, then my BP would increase when my test reaches a level, which it only previously reached through peaking.

Maybe when I peak on 80 mg, my TT goes over 1000 and my body does not like (but it is transient). So, maybe now that I am using 100 mg, my TT is not going much lower than 1000 and even going higher when peaking, and my body doesn’t like it and I get the same BP increase… (only using 1000 TT as a reference)