Help with Arimidex

Hello, i am a skynyfat 6 feet, 185 Pounds, 17% body fat person. I have been going to the gym for 4 months without getting much results in bodybuilding ( i have seen strength gains ). I do sprints i eat very good almost all the times, My T levels are 550 and estradiol is high 34, therefore i will take armidex to lower estrogen and maybe increase Testosterone that way.

I took 1/4 a pill 2 days ago and i had some lower back joint pain, i do not use steroids, i am just taking DHEA because it can be converted to testosterone and estrogen and since i am blocking estrogen it might increase T.

I am tired of having the soft big belly that does not go away even with HIIT and a little hiit cardio and good eating so it is a decisions.

Please help me since i am planing to get lab work almost every week and if i see many people interested in this post i will put my results

Any advices of dossages of armidex for non esteroid users?

How old are you?
Any labs done? In list formate with ranges please

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You need to try 0.5 mg anastrozole per week in EOD dosing. Dissolve pills in vodka 1mg/ml and shake to dispense by the drop. Count drops per ml and do the math. You need a dropper bottle. Understand what anastrozole over-responder means.

Stop taking DHEA unless you have lab results showing low!
Some convert DHEA freely to E2
DHEA does not magically turn into T, more DHEA will not increase T!


post lab results in list format with ranges

Check overall thyroid function by taking oral body temperatures:

  • when you first wake up should be 97.7-97.8, higher is OK, 97.3 is a problem
  • also check for 98.6 mid-afternoon
    If body temps low, can be from not using iodized salt long-term.

Very good news… I took armidex 0,25mg for once a week and 25mg of oral dhea. got another lab test

Testosterone raise from 550 to 722
estradiol is still 34
dhea raise from 355 to 454

i am hapy with the result, estradiol is still high because i am taking a low dose of armidex and maybe some dhea is converting to estradiol, but it is not that high to worry.

I am very happy that my 50 years old 550 testosterone went up to 722. i actually dont feel differente but psychologically it helps a lot to have a normal testosterone fro my age

I am 24 years old

i will take .25 of armidex twice a week to see is my estradiol can get to normal range (20-30) and maybe my testosterone will increase more :slight_smile:

Splitting pills does not allow for much dosing flexibility.

Arimidex half life did not support once a week. Even twice a week is a stretch. EOD would be better dispensing a 1mg/ml liquid preparation by the drop. Instructions in prior post.

Try your proposed twice a week dose and see how that works out.

How much DHEA?

DHEA should normally be quite high at your age!

Did you?
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  • advice for new guys — note first paragraph
  • things that damage your hormones

The dhea pill contains 25mg , i cut it in half and take it everyday. the dhea range in my lab is 80-560, so my increase from 355 to 454 is still withing normal range.

before armidex i have try it all, zinc magnesium every testosterene booster, omega 3, garlic, cold showers, every advice online and my testosterone did not surpass 500 range so i am very happy now.

i just hope i dont get side effects,

for now just some nigh hot flashes and minor lower back pain. but for now totally worth it.

Arimidex once a week was not good.
Your E2 lab results depended on when you did the lab.

Taking some Arimidex every other day [EOD] would be best.
To take small amounts, make liquid with alcohol and dispense by the drop,

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