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Help with Arimidex Dose and Timing

Hello, i´m currently on TRT and my last blood work was in July E2 where 16 pg lab ranges are from 15 to 80 pg, and i was feeling like shit, Total T is around 1050 ng, at that time i was using 0.25 mg arimidex (quarter of 1 mg pills) twice per week i guess i am an over responder, the thing is i read about disolving arimidex in vodka to even lower dose if a quarter of a pill is too much for you, so i began doing that i mix 1 mg pill of arimidex in 8 ml of vodka and take 0.6 ml (0.075 mg) twice per week, so at beginning i was feeling great to the point i never bother into doing a new blood test until today and i would say i feel 7/10 on libido aspect, 10/10 in gym and mood
To my surprise E2 was at 50 pg so i paniced and i guess is due to a very low dose of arimidex only 0.075 mg twice per week, no w i´m thinking into rising the dose to 0.8 ml (0.1 mg) twice per week and see how it goes, it is true that the last month or so i´m feeling that my libido has decreased a bit nothing drastic, i´m not holding water.
TRT dose 120 mg per week devided in two shots.
Now i have read some where that Arimidex having a half life of 40-44 hours it might be better to take it each 48 hours or do you think that by upping the dose i should be able to lower E2 to my ideal number, being that between 25-30 pg and keep doing it twice per week??
Total T is 1000 ng, SHBG are great 25 or so, prolactin and cortisol are fine, my concern is with E2, so please any advice, thanks in advance

Lower your dosage and increase injection frequencies to lower estrogen, otherwise you will forever be on an AI rollercoaster.

I would inject 20-25mg EOD or 10-12mg daily if estrogen is proving difficult to control.

No reason to inject more often.
Lower dose to 50 two times a week. No ai

Guys thank you so much for Replies, i think i will try reduce dose since my T levels are above 1000 ng, that way i´d be able to reduce Arimidex, i find my body does not like arimidex at all just by increasing dose a few mg from 0.075 to 0.125 i feel not good, too dry and i lose overall fullness in my muscles and not in the right way is like if also i lose muscle.
Since i have increased dose of arimidex from 0.075 to 0.125 mg should i wait 6 weeks and see where i get or should i just change my protocol to the one i´d like to try being that reducing the dose of T to 50 mg twice per week and then reduce AI to the lowest possible ??
Thanks again guys i really don´t like Arimidex at all and how it makes me feel but i also understand E2 must be delt with

No it really doesnt at 120mg a week. Fifty is not high in regard to total T. Just drop the AI and let your body recover naturally.


Hey thanks, thing is i notice a lot when i´m at 50 and when i get lower, i feel kinda weird the very 1st day i take the arimdex but fine the next days, also i thought it was some multivitamins that were causing some kind of insomnia and lack of morning wood but it was definetly E2 at 50 pg, after a couple of doses of arimidex 0.125 mg every 4th day i´m getting morning wood again and losing fat around my waist so at least in my case i know E2 around 50 pg is not good, i´ll get tested again 6 weeks after adjusting dose and will report back on this thread, i could also instead of doing 0.125 mg do 0.1 mg and see but something is for sure 50 pg is too much for me and needs to be controlled.

Yeah it takes time for the body to level this out. Using an AI is just prolonging the inevitable and along the way you may fall victim to the side effects of anastrozole which include: bone wasting, lowered HDL (increased risk of heart disease.), increased fat mass, lowered lean body mass, etc.

Did you WATCH the video I posted above?

Yes i did, i have watched a lot of Jay´s videos they are very insightful, how ever came to mind one Dr. Mcdougall saying he treats type 2 diabetic patients with table sugar and carbs.
I´ll give it 6 weeks and get tested again but i´ll lower Arimidex from 0.125 mg to 0.1 mg if this does not work i´ll just lower the dose of Test to 50 mg twice a week no AI.
Thanks a lot bro for taking the time to help me :wink:

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Guys i have a question i also read KSman who is an administrator i believe he still defends that Arimidex 1mg should be taken for each 100 mg of test, reduce that dose to 1/4th in over responders, why is it that all of the sudden everyone seems to be so against AIs ???

Answered in another thread.

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Bro i forgot to mention i take finasteride 3 times per week 1 mg, do you think it increases the risk or raising E2 or that it would justify the Use of AI??

Is this for hair loss or treatment of BPH? Have you researched Post-Finasteride Syndrome?

hairloss, my libido is fine i have been taking it for over 4 years now