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Help with Anterior Pelvic Tilt

I’m not sure if this is the correct forum to post this in, but it was my best guess.

I have a problem with anterior pelvic tilt in my posture. Iâ??ve been doing all the exercises associated with correcting the problem, but I donâ??t seem to be making any progress in my standing posture.

The exercises themselves are easy for me to do correctly. I focus on firing the glutes in everything that I do from pistols, squats, deadlifts, cleans, to kettlebell exercises. I donâ??t believe that glute strength/activation is an issue for me.

I am constantly doing hip flexor stretching and I have good ROM through several functional tests without compensation. Core strength is good, Iâ??m always doing tva work and lower abdominal strengthening. I do use a foam roller for soft tissue work as well.

The part that doesnâ??t make sense to me is that everything seems to be backwards. My hip flexors seem to have a good ROM even though I do spend hours everyday sitting at a desk. My hamstrings seem to be very tight, even though in anterior pelvic tilt they tend to be weak and overstretched.

I think that my lower back may be part of the issue because no matter how much stretching I do, it never seems to loosen up.

When in a static standing posture I can force myself out of pelvic tilt and into a good posture. When I do this, however, it feels very uncomfortable. Itâ??s as if I have to strain my glutes too hard to comfortably maintain over a period of time. I would think that in good posture it should be comfortable and natural rather than feeling forced.

Could it simply be an issue of muscle memory and wanting to revert to that bad standing posture out of habit? I feel like functionally everything is working correctly. Maybe I just need to develop the habit by correcting my posture every time that I become aware of it to ingrain that into a new pattern.

If it is because my lower back is too tight, can someone recommend some methods to loosen that up?

Does anyone have any thoughts or advice?