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Help with Anorexia

I used to eat 1000 calories/day, and was 115 at 5’11". When I got sick of it and started eating 2500-3000 calories/day and lifting weights, I was always bloated up in my gut: constipation, water, gas, whatever.

My parents thought I was straight-up fat, but I stuck through it and once some muscle started coming on, especially around my upper body, the bloat decreased and was offset by the muscle size that I’d added all over.

Now I’m still only a little under 160 at the same height but I look better than I used to. Whenever I got insecure about the gut bloating I’d flex my abs in the mirror, be like “yup, still got 'em, we straight, let’s keep moving”.

thats not really anorexia.

to cure your bloat, find out what foods are causing it through trail and error

what’s the question

[quote]jehovasfitness wrote:
what’s the question[/quote]

Like I just stated in the Beginner’s forum, there are posters here who haven’t been diagnosed with anorexia who apparently think simply being skinny made them “anorexic”

what is your diet…