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Help with Ankle, Shoulder, and Hip Pain

Hi everyone, I’m working on getting myself back to normal after years of constant pain at only 22. I’m working on figuring out if it has to due with a anadrol cycle I did when I was 22 or something else. I attached my recent bloodwork is there any tests I’m missing that could be causing all this pain?

I’ve had 5 surgeries and yet I still can’t move right. Constant ankle pain both ankles, shoulder pain where I have to pop them both, double hip pain. It feels like I’m an 80 year old man. I do physical therapy daily, can’t workout, can’t play the guitar, cant play video games without constant shoulder pain, shooting abdominal pain. Please someone help.

I swear this is killing me. help help help

What did your doctor say? And what were the 5 surgeries for