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Help With an Ankle Sprain


Just when i thought i had the right program for me and everything was going well with my schedule and all...i sprain my ankle. i came down on it pretty bad (this happened yesterday, which was thursday) and i was able to KINDA put my foot down and limp around...today i can do the same but it doesnt hurt as much and i can put more pressure on it...

but i still am kinda limping...should i keep icing...compressing and elevating it or can i also start to do some mobility exercises like write the alphabet in the air? for those of u that has had this happen to u what should i do?

i wanna be able to atleast walk tomorrow if its possible cuz theres a concert ive been looking forward to for like 3 months already and i dont wanna miss it cuz i cant walk. u guys think its possible?


I guess the conservative advice is that you should initially have an X ray and/or a professional assessment but if you are satisfied that there is no fracture or have been advised as such I would say stay off it is as much as possible if you are still limping.

I have found compression and elevation the most important things to do immediately after an ankle sprain.

Until the injury settles I would avoid weight bearing as much as possible and take anti inflammatories. Limping to a concert is probably not going to help it but you will need to weigh up how much damage you feel you might do.

I believe that there is a previous thread about a "joint distraction" technique using stretchbands which supposedly speeds up recovery time but I have no personal experience.