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Help with an A-B Full Body Routine


Hey guys, this is my first post and was wondering is someone could give me a little bit of advice....

I have`nt been training for a while since losing my job (no money for gym fees) but 2 weeks ago i started a new job :slightly_smiling: and we have a company gym in the depot for £1 ($1.6) per week.

Now the gym is ok, but does`nt have a squat rack.

Heres a list of the things available...... barbell/ez-bar/dumbbells and plates, flat bench & incline bench. Smith machine, lat-pulldown cable machine, seated leg raise, seated chest press machine, peck-deck. punch bag, skip-rope, treadmills, bike, rower, x-trainer.

My goals are to drop body fat, and build some muscle.

I`m looking for a workout for 2 days per week (A,B routine) as i have a kettlebell & sandbag, mountain bike for the other days.

I have been doing this routine so far

Dumbbell bench press
Dumbbell shoulder press
EZ bent-over rows
Weighted sit-ups

So i`m looking for some help with workout B.......

The reason i ask is that i dont know the variations of the things i`m doing the now, and if there are any squat based moves suited for the smith machine, or something to work my back rather than BOR.

Thanks for your time!


Hi! Welcome back to weight room! Remeber that fat loss is achieved through reduction of caloric intake...

For your program, first of all, it would be wiser to alternate push and pull exercises: bench/row, shoulder press/lat pull down. Also, it would be good to work with exercise pairings (to save time...).

For abs, avoid sit-up/crunch, as they are likely detrimental to lower back health. Choose some "core" work from this article: http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/stronger_abs_bigger_lifts

For faster fat loss, add some HIIT at the end of your weight training work out (personally, I love skip-rope...just try 5 mins of intense intervals...!!!).

Check your diet, and get rid of junk food!


No squat rack is rough. How about single leg squats, split squats or lunges. Try browsing here:

Also, for A, why not replace lat pull-downs with pull-ups (my own opinion is that they're better).

So for B:
- Single leg exercise instead of squats
- Dumbbell Incline bench
- Chin-ups (to hit the biceps more than the pull-ups on A day)
- Your choice in isolation movement for a "lagging part" or add another single leg exercise if you want
- Rolling planks on stability ball

Not sure what you're eating, but start reading the nutrition articles around here, determine your goals and eat appropriately.


Had some troubles editing/pasting/copying...my previous post...anyway, heres what I would do:

A1) Dumbbell bench press
A2) EZ bent-over rows (overhand grip)
B1) Dumbbell shoulder press (search for Arnold press)
B2) Lat-pulldown
C) A core exercise of choice

Front squat on Smith machine or short-step lunges or bulgarian split squat
A1) BB bench press
A2) DB Row (laying on a low inclined bench; keep DB parallel)
B1) BB Shoulder press
B2) Close reverse grip Lat pull down
C) A different core exercise

Do a set of A1, rest 60 seconds, do a set of A2, rest 60 secs...

You can rotate through three set/reps scheme: 6x3, 4x6 and 3x12 (eg. A6x3, B4x6, A3x12, B6x3 and so on).

Substitution for BOR: changing from overhand to underhand grip, changing torso angle (almost parallel to floor, 45 degrees or more vertical aka Yates row), changing the point where you pull the bar (mid-chest, lower chest, navel)...DB variations: strict 1-arm DB row, Kroc row (a kind of "cheated" one arm), DB row laying on inclined bench.

Since you have a Smith machine, you can easily do inverted row also.


Also you could take the Olympic bar and just clean it to your shoulders for frontsquats, I know when I was enlisted and deployed we had to do this because the powerrack was missing for 3-4 months at first. You'll get damn strong really quick in your shoulders doing this, also if your really motivated press the bar and settle it in a backsquat position and you can do lunges or backsquats if your brass-balled enough to do it without a rack.