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Help with Abs and Glutes Workouts

My name is Matheus Rivero, I’m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I’m 22 years old. By the last October, I was weighing 222lb/100,5kg. It was my highest weight in my whole life. I had low self-esteem, I was afraid of losing my boyfriend (since he had a killer body and I was really fat), so I wanted to change it. I got an Apple Watch, I made a whole new diet and started working out every single day at home, in my room. This moment I’m writing this, I already lost 47,6lb/21,6kg! I’m weighing 173,7lbs/78,9kg now!



Anyway, now I want to work two parts of my body that I don’t really like. I want to have nice abs and a big butt (like Brazillian soccer player called Hulk) lol

I wanted to know if anyone knows workouts/workout DVDs to get my abs and butt on point, working out at home. It would be really helpful.

Thank you so much for your time.

Hey Matheus, congratulations on the weight loss so far! I hope it has motivated you to keep going and left you feeling a little better about yourself.

It’s not common to hear guys wanting to build a big butt, but everyone’s goals are different so fair enough. I would say that it’s too early in your journey to worry about specific body parts, and at the moment you are best to ingrain good eating habits and get on a sensible exercise program. That’ll make everything look good!

So you’re working out at home - what equipment do you have access to? Is joining a gym completely out of the question?

What does your diet currently look like?


It’s necessary to realize two fundamental facts:

  1. Excess fat from the abdominal area can’t be removed by training of the abdominal muscles, but only with proper nutrition, jogging and sprints.

  2. Train more deeply stored abdominal muscles (core) that maintain the correct body position. This also prevents possible pain, for example, in the lower back area. Useful, though perhaps demanding, exercises are dragon flag, plank and the like.

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Mate have you seen Hulk’s glutes? That is a more than reasonable goal.

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Thank you so much! (But yh, chech Hulk’s butt lol) It annoys me when I go to the beach or wear jeans and my body doesn’t have a nice shape, I like big butts on men and women, I think it’s pretty lol

Well, all these months i’ve been “working out” using dancing videos on youtube. I spend from 40 minutes to 1:30 hour dancing and get really sweaty. I read online that when your heart beats are high (160 to 180bpm), you burn more calories and faster. So that’s what I do.

About my diet, I do intermittent fasting and low carb/high fat. After I lost all this weight, I allow myself to eat pizza with friends sometimes or deserts. But mostly I keep lowcarb.

I don’t really have any equipment by now, since I’ve been dancing all this time, but I’m thinking about getting some dumbbells and maybe a ab roller (Idk if it’s really good tbh). I can go to the gym, but the one I’m able to go is a little be far and pretty old lol

Thank you, I’ll look up what is “dragon flag, plank and the like” lol

IKR! It’s amazing lol

A few things about this hulk guy…

I looked him up, and he’s got pretty big legs too. Which is consistent with what you’d expect for someone with a big butt. The best path to big legs and a big butt is squats. Lots and lots of barbell squats. if all you did was 5 sets of 10 barbell squats once per week, with progressively heavier weights, you’d probably eventually look more or less like this guy. I think conventional deadlifts will also help, along with reverse hyperextensions.

At the end of the day, weightlifting will absolutely be necessary to look like him. Dancing won’t cut it, and neither will a couple dumbbells. you’ll have to work with heavier weights than that if this is truly your goal.

As has been mentioned by others, you won’t see your abs by doing ab exercises. I would invest very little time or energy directly training your abs, unless it’s just something you enjoy. It’s not very productive.

Diet will reveal your abs. You’l unfortunately have to lose even more fat than you have to see them better. Loose skin will likely be something of a problem, but eventually that gets better too.

Keep working hard, great job so far! quite the transformation!

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