Help with ABBH

Hey guys, I’m on week 2 of ABBH and I’ve run into a little problem with the 5x10 day for pullups and weighted dips. The first day, I did:

Dips (60lbs)
10, 10, 10, 9(+1 single),6(+4 singles at bodyweight)

Pullups (Body weight)
10,10,9(+1 single),5(+5doubles/singles), 4(+6 doubles/singles)

Today, I did the following:

Dips (65lbs)
10,10,10,8(+2 singles),6(+4 at bodyweight)

Pullups (bodyweight again!)
10,10,8(+2),5(+5 singles),4(+6singles)

Ok, obviously I am weak on my pullups. I can do them weighted, but not for sets of 10. Should I start hitting the pullups twice a week? Consider doing the “perfect 10” program for my back? Should I start adding weight anyway?
With the dips, is that common to start to fail around set 4/5? I plan on moving up the weight again next time as the program says to do.
I’m progressing well with all of the other lifts, but this is my problem area. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot!



well honestly with ABBH it is more important to finish the reps on all the sets. They should be HARD of course but you should not fail.

I say for both dropping the weight which equates to using a small band or such and them slowly progressing.

Save the weighted dip, pull ups for the second run at it when you swap the movements and do 10 x 3,4,&5.

Just holler if you need to borrow a band or two I am not using mine on my current program.


You should not be failing on the 5x10 days of ABBH.

For the dips: just reduce the weight. Remember, when you are calculating your weights that you must add your bodyweight in as well. As you weigh about 175, using 60#s for your 60% 1RM means that your 1RM would be around 400# (60 + 175 = 235. 400 * 0.6 = 240). It looks as if you were calculating based upon the maximum weight you can add. If you can do a single with 100#s, then your 1RM would be 275, and your 60% would be 165 (basically your bodyweight). Try recalibrating your loads based upon a 1RM of 275-300 and you should be fine.

For the chins: Using a band as per Phill’s suggestion works quite well. Also, see the weight estimations I mentioned on the dips. If you are doing bodyweight pullups on the 60% day, your 1RM should be bodyweight + 100#. Use the band, switch to pull-downs (yes, you can flame me for this suggestion), or leave the pullups to the 10x3,4,5 workouts.

Thanks for the suggestions guys. I guess I can always count on the DC/NOVA T-Cell! Yeah, if I could borrow a band this weekend I’ll have it in time for my last 5x10 pullup day. AS for the dips, I guess I’ll go down a little. I feel real strong on the first 3 sets, then I just get tired out I guess. Kinda sad really. Now, long term for the pullups, what would you recommend? Thanks again.


Ill bring a couple differnet sizes

As for long term, well I would say just make progress. slowly drop the band etc. One thing that has helped me has been the lower rep work of 10x3 etc weighted. So that will come in your next run. As those #/s prgogress as will your ability to do BW pulls for reps to a point. I wouldnt ignore them in totality however.