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Help with a Workout Program

i am 55 years old- I have had back and shoulder surgeries so certain things i cannot do like squat, db bench ,or db incline (basically any db work). i just retired so i have more time to focus on training. i have been lifting for years yet because of the injuries not where i would like . I have been doing a split(about 8 weeks now) of chest-tris day 1 and 4- back-shoulders-bis day 2 and 5- legs day 3 and 6 - rest day 7. i do 2 to 3 exercises per muscle group 4 sets per exercise 8 -12 reps. after lifting i do 30 min cardio followed by 30 min of core( because of back issues). i am 6 ft 1 and 205 lbs . i would like to lose some weight (15-20 lbs) 36in waist not good- yet afraid of losing what size i have - not that much to start with. any thoughts would be appreciated.

Hi, rnihells, welcome to the old farts club. You sound pretty lean already, are you just looking to stay trim? Most folks on this forum are fighting to get as strong and/or muscular as possible. For example, I’m 55, 6 feet, 215 lbs and consider myself unbearably skinny.

First, what does you doctor say? Do you see a chiro or physical therapist? How’s the diet? You say you have problems with DBs, do you use barbells or machines?

And how on earth did you manage to retire at 55?

i would like to add muscle just like most people. trying to stay trim as well. i am seeing a physical therapist for my back - going well.doctor says to stay away from squats-db work as it affects my shoulders- i use mostly machines. i needed to retire because of the retirement system of education( teacher and fb/track coach for 33 years).

Welcome, first off what kind of Dr.?