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Help with a Two-a-Day Program


Hey everyone, I am pretty much new here I made this account along time ago but this is my first time posting.

I have a few questions about strength training and I figure the people of T-Nation are the best people to look to for answers. My problem is I want to train as much as possible but I have no idea how to make an program that involves anything more than training once a day. I currently have a lot of free time and am looking for a type of program that I can train as much as possible.

I've been training off and on for about 7 years now but have never lifted more than once a day I have no idea how to structure the program or what exercises I can perform back to back on the same day.




Cool. Good that you want to start training.

Best advice is to make your second post here (Beginners Forum):


and ask the same question. Read the stickies-- they may already answer your question.

Best of luck to you!


Hey thanks wasn't sure if I should post this here or not


2/days are totally unnecessary but since you asked:



2 lifts a day are unnecessary for a beginner, but for knowledge sake, you can go to www.charlespoliquin.com and check out a few article he has written on the subject.


Don't do that... please just don't. Lol.


What have you been doing the past 7 years? Do you get the results you wanted? Why are you moving to 2x/day? What are your goals? Just something to keep in mind, I would guess that ANYBODY who is successfully training 2x/day has also successfully and effectively trained on a 3, 4, 5, 6-day split FIRST. If you haven't done that and have been very happy with the results, you need to start elsewhere.