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Help With a Struggling Starter


Hello everyone my name is John, I am a 19 year old male and currently I'm having terrible issues with my weight. I am of Asian decent so people always joke about the metabolism but honestly I want to see what everyone thinks.

Today I woke up and stood on the scale to find out I lost 10 pounds in around maybe a month, I'm 106.7 and I think maybe its time to know if I could have bad eating habits or maybe is I'm under eating?

My weight as of last month was around 117-120 and I don't see a difference in the way I eat now and before, my physic also doesn't look too much different decide the fact my stomach shrunk.

I don't feel hungry much even if I do work out or do some physical activity, sometimes I get nausea when I eat greasy foods (hamburgers, fries, etc.), or sometimes it just feels like no hunger is even there but I know I haven't ate for sometime.

I eat mainly vegetables and fruits with nice portions of meat (I want to make a diet journal of some type if this could help with understanding my problem, I'll start off with recording everything I eat, drink, and the periods of times it happens and for how long it takes me to eat.)

I never had a father figure to teach me anything so maybe I'm missing some information I need to know, am I normal or is my steadily dropping weight a more important issue..


You are 5'11" and 106 pounds - that is downright unhealthy.

Before everyone just tells you to just eat more, I would see a doctor to rule out any medical reason as to why you are losing weight. Possibly a food allergy or intolerance. Asians tend to be lactose intolerant, for example.

If everything checks out, you will need to eat as much as possible - avoid the greasy stuff if that makes you nauseaus. Find foods that you like to eat and cram as much down as possible. Make shakes in a blender with whole eggs, whole milk, peanut butter, fruit, oats, olive oil, and anything else you can think of.

Don't be too selective at this point - you need to get your weight up so that you will have the energy to work out and just get through life. Good luck.


I know you just used it as an example, but lactose intolerance would make him gassy, not emaciated. No food intolerance or allergy would have the effect he describes. I don't think anything is wrong with the OP (that's you, thinandtryin), you just have to eat.

One way to get more calories in you than your hunger allows: When you're full at the end of a meal, drink a big protein/weight gainer shake. At every meal. This will not be as hard as eating another steak, but it will have an effect.

You work out. Do you lift weights? If not, start. What else are you doing when you work out?


I drink plenty of milk maybe a gallon in 4-7 days (atleast I think its plenty) I am not lactose intolerant. I heard of drinking a gallon a day but that is hard for me.

I'll try with the shakes but after eating I feel bloated sometimes should I still indulge even then?

I don't have heavy weights kakno could that be the problem? I use free weights, push ups, squats, etc. etc.

Then after a good 45 minutes to an hour of working out I will drink a nice glass of milk, water, etc with some whey protein mix.


Start with a gallon in 4 days. Then build up.

"Feeling bloated" is not dangerous at all. Weighing that little could be. So yes, finish you meal, then drink a shake or why not a litre (~quart) of milk. Or protein mixed with milk. Appetite is something you learn. Do this for a few weeks and your body will want you to do it.

For gaining quality weight (muscle), you'll need to lift heavier weights. Pushups and squats are not that challenging at your current bodyweight. So I suggest that you join a gym and learn to lift weights. There are a bunch of stickied threads in the beginner forum that will help you there. Read them.

Eating a lot without lifting will likely only make you fatter, not bigger or stronger.


Well I wouldn't mind being a lil heavier lol but yes I'm aiming for gaining muscle and keeping it.

Can you suggest some nice meals or foods that could help?


106 lbs
Well I wouldn't mind being a lil heavier
lil heavier

my face


Meat, eggs, peanut butter, milk, fish, nuts, etc, there are tons of good foods. Aim for 150 grams of protein per day and make sure you have some form of progression in your lifting. You can search for "la cucina anabolica italiana", "snap a pic of your plate" or "cool food the BOI eats", or just put in "recipe" in the search box for articles and threads.


your weight of 5'11 120 is thin but in many parts of the world you'd be considered perfectly normal.
Losing 10 lbs in a month for no real reason from an already 'thin' weight is not normal.

You should be gaining weight at your age, not losing it.

The nausea associated with fatty foods could be gallstones.

My friend went into the doctor with the same symptoms, and he too lost 10 lbs in a month and they did a gallbladder test on him and it gave him extreme pain and the doctor told him 'your gallbladder is working at 0%

They took it out and he feels better now, and months later, starting to regain some of the weight.


You're right, that's a very real possibility. Thanks for pointing it out, so I don't miss that again.

Ghetto diagnosis: OP, does your poop float after eating fat?

Serious question, but visit a doctor as well.


Yes my poop floats sometimes I never thought anything of it, whats wrong with this?

And ADvanced TS what I was saying was kanko suggested I should eat more but if I have no weights I will indeed just gain fat instead of muscle, I want to be a lil heavier but not from fat from muscle.

Edit: I am reading about sinkers and floaters so I'll keep a closer eye to the foods I eat if they cause which one.


Join a gym and train in it. Pick any weight training program and follow it.

Do us and yourself a big favor and weigh/measure what you eat in a typical day and come post it in this thread. Don't guess, don't say "a nice portion of meat"... put what you typically eat on a food scale and come post that number. If it turns out your are eating a good amount(without lying or eating a lot 1 day just to make yourself look better) then MAYBE worry about some medical issue, until then it's exponentially more likely that you just aren't eating enough.

To put things in perspective for you at your height and current weight you likely need to gain 50 lbs just to look average like that day you just joined the gym that day. Lots of work ahead for you so don't waste time.


Ok I'll try and get a food scale when ever I can can you suggest a good place to find one? I live close to walmart, target and so on.


Target will certainly have one and likely Wal-Mart too.


Do push-ups and eat all the meat and potatoes you can find.


Since the gall stone hypothesis made a lot of sense, floaters could indicate that there is fat in your poop, which could mean that you don't digest it properly, which could be due to gall stones. Go to a doctor just in case.


OP I was as skinny as you at the same height and got diagnosed with hyperthroidism. Was pretty skinny before it but got given some drugs which slowed down my thyroid and I got to a normal weight pretty quickly. Perhaps get your thyroid tested?


This is an update I gained weight a lil but its like I say up and down I'm 107ish now

Bambi I've always been skinny, I'll check it out.