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Help with a RE Lower Body Day

I am currently following a westside template and it does not give a Repetition lower body day and was wondering what exercises/reps/sets to use.
I was thinking stiff deads, front squats,rev. lunges and glute ham raises but I am not sure of what rep range to use. Maybe 4 sets of 8-12? Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks in advance

yup, that’s about right. Repetition days are simply a different name for bodybuilding style days. Reps can be lower or higher in the BB spectrum (some people go as low as 5). Most stick to the 8-12 range for an RE day.

if you normally squat wide or w/e i would close stance back squats over front squats for powerlifting, it will give youa better carryover to deads, squats and w/e i would use 4-5 sets of 10 but thats just me

Thanks for the responses. I ended up supersetting for 6x10 the first 2 exercises and then 3x12 doing the other 2 exercises separately.