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Help with a Program

I’ve been running jonnie canditos linear program and have been loving it. The only problem is that I can’t deadlift heavy after squatting heavy, this causes me not to progress on deadlifts. What should I do?

Why can’t you deadlift heavy after squatting heavy?

I’m taxed after squatting heavy, I squat with a wide stance and deadlift sumo so it’s very hard.

If you can’t do the program as it’s written, perhaps go to another where you don’t have to deadlift right after squatting. How long have you been on the linear program? Are you missing the deadlifts?

Edit: If you are missing the deadlifts, have you dropped the weight by 15lbs like the program says?

yes i have been dropping the weight. Do you know any good programs where i squat and bench twice a week and still progress on deadlifts?

You’ll adjust. If you are really struggling, lower the weight on the deadlift to get the work done then increase over time - you may even want to consider lowing the DL to about 70% and doing EMOM sets for a block. You should come out of that with plenty of gas for your deadlift work.

The intuitive thing to me would be lower your deadlift training max for the program. If you did it a little already and it didn’t work, lower it some more. Maybe even take a 3-5RM for your DL, calculate a 1RM out of it and use that for your training max. I’m not familiar with Candito so I’ll admit that might not be the right way about it, but it seems like sound sense.

I mean, lets say you had to take as much as 50lbs off your regular max. That means that your hitting lower weights while training. That does not necessarily mean that you’re not getting stronger. If you progress the DL weights in the program, you’re probrably getting stronger at DLing. You may very well try your DL max frest and hit a bigger number.

And to a large extent, you’ll probably just get used to it.

My advice would be the next time you squat on the candito program, instead of doing the deadlift work after, use this as an opportunity to work up to a 1RM on deadlift (or 3RM / 5RM and calculate from there). You need to figure out what your 1RM is for deadlifting after squat work, and not what a ‘fresh’ deadlift 1RM is. Then use this new 1RM to work from, and aslong as the weights are progressing using the post-squat 1RM, its safe to say your ‘fresh’ 1RM will also increase.


Any good program can be tailored to your needs. If you need to make changes to the amount of weight, make those changes.I’d suggest having a heavy squat/lighter pull one week and heavy pull/lighter squat the following week.