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Help With A Nutrition Plan

First, I guess I should tell u some of my stats and my goals. I am 19 y/o , 208lbs and 14%bf. I play basketball so that’s the main reason I want to get a little bit slimmer, try to get my bf% into the single digits which I doubt it has ever been since I was born weigh over 10 lbs!

I hear all the time the basic stuff, 6 meals a day, 11x my bodyweight in calories, all kind of recommendations but 2200 calories is too much for me I think. My day goes as such, I wake up around 8, go to school, come home at like 12 and eat, hang out a bit then eat again at 1:30ish and everyday I go hoop at 5:30 and play 3-4hrs of fullcourt ball depending on who’s up there then lift a little bit, usually do bent over rows, incline presses, and biceps on the same day and lower body stuff once a wk, only a day when I know I’m not going to hoop the next day. I try to get 4-5hrs of hoop in 5x a week.

I currently have a 42 inch running vert, can run 1.75 miles in around 11 minutes (had to time it for class) and anyways, I’m just hoping it will help improve my athleticism that final bit so I was just wondering if anyone can offer me some good suggestions on supplementation and altering my diet


Ur 208 lbs, play hoops that much, and think 2200 cals is too much? Wow, I don’t think so. If you are having trouble decreasing your BF%, maybe it is b/c ur consuming shotty foods??? Not consistantly following the 6 meal/day thing, excessive amount of alcohol (for someone trying to decrease BF) etc. etc. w/ the eating plan. Usually, a poor nutrition plan is the #1 reason people fail in attempt to reach their BF goals. W/o knowing what exactly is holding you back nutrition wise… try to aim for around 1 gram/protein per pound of BW, a gram of C/lb of body weight and 75-100 grams of F. If this amount of C’s is lower than you are used to, just try to make sure you are eating a good amount of C’s during workout. (this always works for me if I’m trying to lean out and lower my C’s-as far as keeping my energy levels up while lifting, playing hoops etc) Eat a protein source in every meal, drink a lot of water etc. Don’t know if you tried the Massive Eating prinicples, but if you seperate your meals into P + F and P + C meals, you should be able to consume more cals w/o adding fat or losing (much if any) muscle. The above are just recommendations, (starting point, adjust according to your results, or lack of results). Also remember that BF % is your relation of fat mass to lean mass. I played college basketball and know it was very hard to add LBM when playing that much b-ball. So if you slightly decrease your hoop time, and increase your time under the iron, this may help.



thanx. What types of foods and supplements would u recommend? I’m going to try and stack up on brown rice, potatos, red meats, boneless skinless chicken breasts, mixed vegetable bags, fresh fruits, and what am I leaving off?

I’d suggest Surge for your post-workout “meal.” GROW! As I always say, GROW! isn’t necesary, but does help make it more convenient to get in your quality protein…unless you have time to sit around the house ALL day and cook every 2 hours…but who does? Don’t know if you’ve ever tried creatine, but could be a good supp. for you. As far as the food goes, read the article “Foods that make you Look Good Nekid!” Eat these foods and you’ll be on your way.



cottage cheese, tuna, mixed nuts, natural peanut butter, old-fashioned oatmeal

thanx, I’ve been doing well the past few days. I haven’t checked my weight or bf% yet but I know I’m making progress. I figured I’d just go back to what worked for me the first time (I’ve been as fat as 280ish at 65). I got some cottage cheese too, can’t eat that shiit without bananas, strawberries, and pineapples though. What kind of place might I cop some natural peanut better? If they don’t have it at WalMart or the Commissary, maybe Sam’s, I don’t know. Anyways, thanx to those of you who posted

Hi Hoopin,

If you don’t have a food log started it would be worthwhile starting one. I posted mine awhile back for peops here.


Natural peanut butter or any Nut Butter (yeah go ahead and chuckle) can usually be found in Health Food Stores.


If you want a short term diet to get you in shape, that is simple and very effective;

Breakfast; Oatmeal + skim milk and Grow! or other pp. chopped fruit on top optional.

rest of the day, full fat cottage cheese, tuna, beef & vegies.

And lots of water & green tea.

Add in a shake after your workout and thats all you need.

I know I know you might find that abit boring… but if you want to get in shape quick, then you need your diet in order and this is strict and effective.

Workout and run in the morning and after workouts too.