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Help With A New Supplement

I just bought a new supplement and i was wondering if it is any good and how i should take it or if i should take it with anything else. im 17 and weigh around 130. the product is Amino fuel 1000.

It is an amino acid supplement. Sorta like refined protein powder. You can take it any time, and it won’t hurt you. Being a buck thirty, it probably won’t help much either.

There is a supplement that will help you to get over 130 to 150, 180, even 210 pounds. The problem is, it is not at GNC or even at the Biotest store. It’s called food. You have to go to the grocery store and load up. This supplement and lots of heavy lifting will take you much farther than any other supplement. Especially when you weigh a buck thirty.

Arms Afire’s response is spot on.

It is strange that you would buy a supplement and then ask if it is any good. A good rule of thumb for any purchase: investigate prior to buying…


This is just another outdated, ineffective supplement that won’t go away because newbies apparently continue to buy it.

Like the others have recommended, do your research before you go into the supplement store. Once you have an idea of the type of product you want, your better offer shopping in the store on this site.