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Help with a Keto Diet Plan


ive been working with lc, hp diet as long as i can remember now i wana start something new keto diet.

i did my lbm and its 87 kg or 191pounds , so based on that , can anyone give me a headsup on a good keto diet plan

Thank you




Yeah, for a fee. Or you can read the hundreds or perhaps thousands of articles and books on the subject and design one for yourself and THEN ask us for SOME assitance.

A keto diet is 60 to 70 percent fat and the rest protein. Figure it out.


do u even know what u talking about? 70% fat ?? and what 30% protien?? and i guess we dont consider taking any carbs right.

if u dont have something usefull to say just shut it !!


Do you even know what YOU'RE talking about? Do you know what a keto diet is? In order for one to be effective you have to basically eliminate the intake of carbs to force your body to use the ketones from fat as a source of energy. 60-70% fat is pretty standard for a keto diet while using an intake of protein that is sufficient enough to maintain your LBM, you're not going to make any gains on a keto diet unless you implement a glyco supercompensation at the end. Of course, there will be incidental carb intake but mainly from fiber sources such as veggies.

If any substantial carbs are being taken in it would be peri-workout and would ideally be from an insulinogenic source.

You may want to look at a modified keto diet plan that resembles a more traditional carb cycling rotation as keto diets are not advisable for extended periods of time (about 10-14 days will produce decent results).


aha, another question , most of my diet should consist of what?? i can only think of chedar cheese, cashew nuts,almonds,peanut butter ,olive oil, steak, what else ?

and thx for the info


Salmon,bacon, macadameia nut oil, a fiber supplement such as metamucil. If you really wanted you could add in chromium picolinate, and vandyl sulfate but do your research on those before you use them. The main thing is lowest carbs possible and deffinitly stay under 28 grams per day make sure you check the protein you use because it can contain a small amount of carbs but a few scoops a day can add up.


a question, would u guys recommend such a diet for a thaiboxer? keeping in mind thaoboxing is an aerobic sport not like weightlifting anaerobic


I wouldn't recomend a keto approch to boxing you need to have good stamina and strength. The use of good carbs would really help to keep up energy levels during training and matches. Sometimes when I run a keto diet I feel kinda out of it and can't think super qucik so this might not be a great idea when someone is trying to kick you in the head.



A guy who can't even design a diet is going to tell me - someone with undergrad and masters degrees in nutrition and an RD registration and who has actually WRITTEN AND PRESCRIBED keto diets even in healthcare situations - that I don't know what I'm talking about when in fact a keto diet IS composed of 60-70% fat.

Did you ever consider reading some damn articles or books on keto diets?!


You can do it, but you better adjust your training for it.

I wouldn't do it for anything other than to lose bodyweight very quickly for an athlete.


Well, I read some studies on keto diets and I'll tell you this. When they are done clinically, the minerals that are deficient in the diet are always supplemented. This made me realize that many people on these forums over the years have done keto (or, low-carb keto-like) diets probably without any attention to nutrient status, and who knows what negative consequences that might have.


I just want to add that I did this diet over the summer and it is NOT a keto diet. It is a very low carb diet. The details are in the book.


Ah, I wasn't aware there was a difference between a keto diet and a diet with no carbs.

I did this over the summer as well and lost about 25 lbs in 2 months.


Well if it's true that fat must be at 60-70%...Apparently there is....protein was pretty high on this diet, and fat was low/moderate, and there didn't appear to be any restrictions on pb /nut intake within your fat allotment. Ketosis isn't the goal of the diet.

Correct me if I'm wrong, could be splitting hairs.


You are correct, he states in the book that full ketosis isn't necessary for fat loss and that is not the goal of the program. I guess I tend to use the terms keto diet and zero carb diet interchangeably.


i dont understand, what do u mean


this wont be a problem, i wont be competing anytime soon, west asia tournament isnt until late march.

but the thing , i know carbs r impo for aerobic sports ,bcuz w eneed the instant energy, using keto would supply me with the instasnt energy i need while sparring/fighting?


There are many good online articles on this and ebooks available. I even read a few articles/forum posts last night.

OP, just read through as much as you can before rushing into a diet like this. Plan your meals, check sites like Fitday for macronutrient levels etc.


Keto diets are supplemented with the electrolytes (sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium) because they're pretty much lost on a very low carb diet.