Help with a Healthy Diet

Hey I am new to working out and want to get a good workout that will maximize muscle increase and tone-ness. I have been hitting the gym for 3 months now and really wanna take it to the next level. I am 165, 6 ft, and 22 and exercise daily. Any help? I also eat very healthily. Thanks

I have been training for a few years but never got serious until a few months ago when I found this site. List your current diet and workout and then people will be able to help based on what you already do. I got a bunch of people tell me that when I first posted a topic like yours.

I would reccomend you read everything under the category “Diet/Mass Programs” and “Training” on the homepage.

On a normal day I have an egg sandwich with cheese on a roll, for lunch a sandwich (ham and cheese) some pasta, milk, and some fruits, and for dinner a chicken sandwich, or steak and potatoes. I workout 3x a week, and each workout i do full body. I usually work out Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Usually I bench press 160, curl 30’s, sit ups, pushups, fly’s, leg press’, squats, and other various things. I am fairly new to this stuff (2 months) and I really want to get what people call “lean muscle.” I have a little extra weight in my stomach and chest but im not fat at all. I just want that “cut” look. Any advice would be great. Thanks