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Help with a Good Program for Little Time

I have experience going to the gym and dieting and getting great results, but i have fallen very far. I currently work 2 jobs around 70-80 hours a week. When i’m not working i’m usually sleeping or falling asleep on the couch. I am making a strong conscientious decision to go back to the gym and fix the weight issue i’m having right now. I’m 295lbs 6’1. I am on a Keto diet and have been for 3 months and am down 35lbs. The last program i tried was a upper/lower. I took bits a pieces from ones i found and made it work. I guess what i’m asking is what would be the best plan for someone wanting to lose weight and gain strength with very limited time and energy for the gym?

Limited time? Do as little as you have to with most bang for your buck. The shortest programs I can think of right now are GreySkull LP with only two movements and 4 to 6 work sets per day done thrice a week. Another option could be max effort squat, bench and deadlift all done once a week but that kind of approach might not be desirable due to you 70-80 hour work week.

Both of my jobs are minimal when it comes to physical activity. One has a lot of walking and standing but not much lifting. The other just sitting.

You also have to account for the time needed for recovery, conditioning if extra is needed, sleep, meal preparation etc. But if you want, you can check out some max effort style training programs and see how you recover.

Like furius said. Take few main lifts and hit them hard. Dont waste your time to shit what does not matter (as much).

Do you have limited time per day or limited time overall? What I mean is how often and how long per session you can train?

PS. You can do stuff at home also. Do the heavy lifting at the gym and assistance at home.

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Rattus is on point in doing some lesses work at home. Do what actually means something in the gym like the big three or four lifts and don chin-ups, push-ups, pull-ups etc at home later if you want / have time / have energy / etc.

I’m looking at being able to commit 30 minutes 2-3 times a week. After June ill be back to 1 job and can commit more time.

Then I would take the GreySkull approach. Doing 4 or 6 sets in total + warm-ups take very little time to finish and you can go pretty far by just doing squats, deadlifts, bench and press.

At 295 lbs id say do something heavily fatloss focused. Make the two days of weights the priority and fit in some of the HIIT if catch the time…

in your case I would say 20-45 minutes of HIIT on the bike etc is preferable to the skipping etc

5/3/1 I Ain’t Doing Jack Shit - thirty minutes a day, 4x per week.


Squats, pull-ups & dips. 2-3 times a week (5 sets each) + some Hiit might be just the ticket.

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