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Help With A Full Body Routine


I have done a split routine for a while now and it just got...boring. I've never really done anything like this so could yall (yea, Alabama) help me please? Thanks a lot!


This is what I got from Zach Even-Esh's newsletter.

1) Warm up w/calisthenics, mobility and prehab
2)Lower body movement
3A)Upper Body push movement
3B)Upper body pull movement (same plane as pushing movement)
4)Full body lift/strongman lift/odd object lift (choose one)
5)Extra lift for posterior chain
6)Finish with circuit of abs, arms and grip.

Note: Full body lift can be done first before the upper and lower body lifts as well, be flexible here. Variety is a good thing!

Done Monday-Wednesday-Friday.

Monday and Wednesday you can focus on Max Effort (ME), Submaximal Effort (SE) and
Dynamic Effort (DE) training with the above program style.

Each day will be a different full body workout, and you will stick to this
program for a 2 - 3 week training block. Lesser prepared athletes cna stick to
the same program for a full month.

Friday can be more of a high rep / repeated effort (RE) type day ? I borrow this
idea from DeFranco?s WS4SB to help aid in hypertrophy and it has worked AWESOME
w/my athletes who want to add muscle.

After 6 - 10 weeks it's likely going to be time to get rolling again. On Tuesday
and Thursday, start performing circuits of sled training, calisthenics and sledge
hammer work. Have these last for 25 minutes or so. Mix in squats, lunges, pull
ups, sled dragging / sprinting in all directions, sledge hammer swings in all
directions, push ups, one legged squat variations and abdominal movements.

If you ever feel stale on this style of training, and want more volume for
muscles / movement patterns, split upper and lower body up, and also have some
energy system training done with full body workouts ? similar to Martin Rooney?s
style in his ?Training for Warriors? DVD.

I still prefer the full body workouts 2 or 3 x week, and then 2 x week perform
energy system training when the program is in full swing. Use your best judgement
on what you feel is best for your own goals.

Friday can be a day for the RE method, or a full day of strongman training. If
you feel a full day of strongman training beats you up, use one strongman lift
for your full body movement which may feel better for you!

Hope this helps.


Better yet I say read up the TONS of articles of late on full body training, From CW, Staley, Alwyn, etc... and then come back here after you design one or pick one and ask for opinions/suggestions.

No need in us posting out what has been writen and answered by the pros allready.


Full Body Haters NNR!