Help With a Food Plan

Hi all im having problems with food, basically i need to put on more weight to meet a weight class limit for an MMA fight in april. I’ve swaped my training about recently, (swimming to weights) for strength and size building. So this plus a good diet i plan on making my goal weight, 70kgs (im currently 63kgs).

Could you all be soo kind in laying out an eating plan consisting of what to eat at say:

-first break.
-second break.

currently im eating:

-breakfast. porridge, protein shake.
-first break. chicken fillet, cheese, begutte.
-lunch. chicken fillet, salad, sandwich/bap, protein shake.
-second break. bannana, quasaant
-dinner. (varies) pasta, stirfrys, protein shake.

i no myself im not eating enough but the intensity of my training coupled with a very high metabolism kicks everything i do in the ass, and im really frustrated with it.

thanks neil.

What are the portion sizes of the food you’re eating now?

Even better, give us:

-total daily calories
-total grams protein
-total grams carbohydrates
-total grams fat

Give us these numbers that you are eating daily and we will be better able to guide you.

Thats where im stuck,im kinda new to the nutrition side of things, i dont know how to calcuate the values of these.
If theres a web page giving the food values that would “help me help you.”

im not eating vast amounts of food as im pretty small, so i just eat till i feel full

thanks neil.

though does my current diet plan seem good enough if i were to just eat MORE

-Protein and veggies at every meal.
-For you, you could probably get away with higher carb (metbolism coupled with your training), so add bread, sweet potato, or rice to every meal.
-Keep your fats at a good balance. Fats are also an easy way to get calories. Just add EVOO or avacado oil or macademia nut oil to all your veggies.
-If you aren’t gaining weight, you need to eat more calories.

Go to or and figure out how many calories you are eating a day, then increase it.

There’s a ton of nutritional information for food here:

If you scroll to the bottom for each food item there’s a breakdown of the calories.

The majority of what you eat should be listed there.

It’s impossible to assess your diet. We need quantities…like 1 cup of porridge or 6 oz. chicken. Please list this information.

thanks lads ill get the numbers sorted and get back to ya’all.