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Help with a Diet/Training Routine


I am a 25 year old Egyptian Rugby Player who is crazy about bodybuilding. I am currently at 302 Lbs at 25.2% BF% I am 6 ft Tall. I have a good bone and muscle structure, but I have a belly and love handles. I am pretty strong, I benched 462 lbs raw deadlifted 660 lbs and box squated 530lbs. I run the 40 yd dash in 5.7 seconds.

My goals are drop to 10% BF, maintain my lean mass, keep my energy levels up for rugby season which starts next friday and offcourse increase my overall fitness. PS I HATE CARDIO.
I just came back from a stress fracture in DV10 I lost a whole lot of weight but very weirdly not a single gram of lean mass as I ate proteins like crazy.

I train 5 days a week 2 rugby sessions, 2 fitness sessions and 1 weight lifting session where I do complex multijoint excercises as Clean and Jerks, Snatches, Bench Press, Squats and Dead lifts. I go arround 80% for 5-8 reps for 3 sets after 1 warm up set.

I am on a high protein, moderate fat and almost no carbs diet (only from raw veggies) here's what I eat on an average training day

Meal 1 7:30 am
4 egg omlette with a whey and creatine shake (25gm and 7gm respectively)

Meal 2 11:00 am
1 tuna can + olive oil + corn + cucumbers + tomatoes+ bell peppers + all drenched in black pepper(thermogenic)+cinnamon + cummin all also with thermogenic capabilities

Meal 3 2 pm

Same as meal 2+ 2 pieces of fruit

Meal 4 @ 5:30 pm

300 gm CHicken/Beaf grilled on an electric grill + steamed veggies ( peas, corjetts and aubergines and carotts

Meal 5 @ 6:30

Whey + Creatine shake

Training 7:30 pm till 10:30pm

Meal 6 @ 11pm

1 grilled chicken

Please critique in order to direct me to the right path in order to achieve my goals.

Thanks alot mate

Ossama El Maghraby


The Warrior Diet


First off you go to the gym ONE day a week ? Come now surely you do not think 1 session a week is going to do anything in regards to your general physique ??

Either commit do doing more or in regards to help from this board (GYM Goers) we cannot help you.


You weigh 300lb and eat 4 eggs for breakfast?


Well do you want to train to be better at rugby or bodybuilding?


Well 300 and above you don't get to my lifting figures by being a GYM goer in the off season which spans 5.5 months every year I go to the gym 4 times a week doing a hypertrophy program designed by our strength coach for 4 months then I do weightlifting for speed for a month and a half

I know you are a respected member of this board so if u have some advice post it if u don't then fuck off this thread


Yes I am on a cutting diet and don't worry I get my 2.5gms of protein per kilogram of lean mass

any advice


Well Rhino Jockey I want to be better at rugby yet doing it in a leaner physique


[quote]RossDB wrote:
They see me trollin...[/quote

From your avatar you are not the next Jay Cutler
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so i asked for advice not for half witted lame ass hill billy sarcasm from you red neck dildo


With those stats it sounds like you should be giving advice to us.


Right good luck getting advice with that attitude.

Maybe it's normal to be that snotty with people where your from, but round these parts a little humility and grace goes a long way.


Goodfellow if you have a lower BF% I'd be taking weightloss advice from ya and I would give you advice on strength and hypertrophy


Well all I can see from what you posted is this:

You don't seem to be eating a lot of food in the morning (4 eggs, 1 can of tuna etc.). I eat more than that for my morning meals and you weigh 110lbs more than me.

So I'm guessing you must be having massive portions of the other stuff where you didn't list amounts for.

Perhaps reverse that around?

I'd also train at least 3x a week with weights no matter what I was doing.


One more thing after looking at your diet again...

Unless that whey/creatine shake at 6:30 is FUCKING MASSIVE, than I can positively say I eat more than you on a daily basis, and again - you have 100+ lbs on me.

I also don't have to do rugby either.

What I'm saying is, your metabolism is probably slow as shit because you eat so little for your size/activity... So, eat more healthy whole foods.

Just a guess, good luck.


I recommend taking a look at Thibs "Get Jacked" E-Book. He outlines a complete diet and training program that will still have you lifting heavy. The reason I was asking whether you wanted to be a better BB or Rugby player is because the training methods for both are completely different and trying to do both at the same time is pointless.


Hey all

I've been following my diet and training regimen for the past couple of month seriously now I am done to 290lbs but my BF% was measured at 18% yesterday so YAAAAAAAAAAAAY
I am still looking for your advice to help me increse my weightloss I lost alot from my target areas (lovehandles and belly) but still have a long way to go I am still on what u guys percieve as too small of a diet but really I am not hungry at all on that diet.
I am not going for a bodybuilder look (6 packs are not of intrest to me) all I am intrested in is having a decent V shape yet at my current strength levels and speed.

Cheers guys

Waiting for your advice


150 bucks for nutrition consultation.


check in the mail
Shoot bricknyce


What made you switch from shot put to playing prop forward in a local rugby league?


Hi simply I couldn't make a living shot putting and shotputting requires at least 12 training sessions per week weightlifting in the morning along with Fitness/Sprinting/Throwing in the afternoon
And I needed a job that pays well to be able to support my family,

I cam into rugby cuz its physical and a beautiful game and i only practice 5 days a week in the evenings, so I can balance my job wwith my life, on the other hand iam fucking good at rugby so it benefits my ego :slight_smile: