Help with a diet for a diabetic

I’m not sure that eating Splenda will have an effect on weight. I do find it weird if she’s eating it plain though. The compulsion to eat could mean that she’s not getting enough food and feeling hungry. If this is not the case then she’s probably doing it as a learned habit (like nail biting).

Dadean: Yah, high-stress periods will indeed give a rise in blood sugars. I’ve experienced this myself if i had a particularly bad or high stress day. But what basically happens is that your liver stores all kinds of sugar in it and it is released for quick energy in case of your body wanting to help itself out in a high-stress situation. I know its kind of stupid but your bod y is 1% of the time i mean it doesnt know that its diabetic so it releases this stuff w/out realizing that it could really be bad for it. Yah my dad’s a doctor so im a smart cracker -Clay